Free Valentine’s Day Worksheets Bundle for Kindergarten

Valentine’s Day Kindergarten Worksheets

5 free Valentine's Day printables for kindergarten


With Valentine’s Day coming up, this free Valentine’s Day printable worksheet packet is a great bundle for your kindergarteners to work on during the month of February.

Kindergarteners will have fun practicing their letters, numbers, and more with this hearts-inspired winter activity. These no-prep worksheets are perfect for practicing with numbers 1-20, and letter and number order.

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Valentine’s Day Printables for Kindergarten

5 free Valentine's Day worksheets for kindergarten

This Valentine’s Day Bundle consists of 5 jam-packed pages of early literacy and math activities.

Kids will practice math skills such as number recognition, number order, counting, and graphing.

Kids will also practice early literacy skills by writing missing letters in the correct order and following an alphabet maze from A-Z (just like our letter T alphabet maze activity).

All 5 activities are fun, engaging, and great practice for kindergarteners to work on.

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Valentine’s Day Worksheets for Kindergarten

These worksheets are great to use in the classroom for math and literacy centers, as independent work, or as an intervention resource for extra practice. Or use these at home as an practice or enrichment exercise.

Along with practicing their early learning math and literacy skills, kids will also exercise their fine motor skills.

The first worksheet is a Hearts Letter Order worksheet. Kids will write the missing lowercase letters in correct alphabetical order, and then have fun coloring the picture on the worksheet.

The second worksheet is the Hearts Alphabet Maze. This is where students will help the two hearts meet by connecting the hearts with a line from A-Z.

The third worksheet has adorable penguins holding a heart with a number inside. It’s a ten frame practice printable. Kids will fill in the ten frames correctly to match the number on the hearts.

If you’re a parent and you’re not familiar with ten frames, here’s the crash course: you always fill the top frames first (from left to right) before you move on to the bottom frames.

So for example, if I had to fill in a ten frame for the number 6, I would fill all of the frames at the top first, and then the sixth frame (below the first frame) on the second row.

The fourth sheet is a Hearts Number Order worksheet. Kids will write in the missing numbers from 1-20.

free Valentine's Day printables packet for kindergarten

Lastly, there’s the Hearts Graphing worksheet that is full of some silly and quirky hearts. Kids will count the hearts and then color in the graph.

Good follow-up questions to this activity are:

  • Which heart is there the most of?
  • Which heart is there the least of?
  • Are there more notebook paper hearts than alien hearts?
  • Are there any hearts that have the same amount of each?

These types of questions really help kids develop their number sense as they begin to understand comparing numbers, quantity, and how to read a graph (data).

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Free Valentine’s Day Kindergarten Worksheets

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