Thanksgiving Dinner Crossword Puzzle (Free Printable)

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Thanksgiving crossword puzzle printable

free thanksgiving crossword printable for kids

Crossword puzzles are a fun way to keep your mind active during the holiday season. Here’s a yummy one featuring Thanksgiving dinner. Perfect for first graders and up, this free Thanksgiving Dinner Crossword Puzzle Printable has all the delicious fixins that make up a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Download your copy today!

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Thanksgiving crossword puzzle activity

free thanksgiving crossword worksheet for kids

I had no idea how into puzzles my daughter is becoming. She’ll do jigsaw puzzles, but now she’s branching out to word searches and crossword puzzles. It’s so cute!

It inspired me to make a crossword puzzle for her that would be appropriate for her reading abilities and grade level.

So I created a Thanksgiving dinner crossword puzzle that includes picture clues, a work bank, and familiar Thanksgiving vocabulary.

Why are crossword puzzles good for you?

Crossword puzzles have been around for a long time. Over 100 years ago to be exact. The crossword puzzle was invented in 1913 by Arthur Wynne.

And since that time, crossword puzzles have become more popular and they have been found to have many benefits.

Crossword puzzles are good for you because they’re a fun way to keep your brain active, increase focus, and improve memory and retention. Other benefits include helping to learn and expand your vocabulary, spelling, and grammar skills.

Thanksgiving dinner crossword puzzle worksheet

I think now’s a good time to introduce Lucia to crossword puzzles since they have so many benefits.

free thanksgiving crossword for kids

So I’ve designed the activity to be both fun and educational so my child and yours shouldn’t have too much trouble with it.

Since she’s only in first grade, the traditional crossword puzzle with sentence clues may be too challenging.

Instead of sentence clues, this Thanksgiving crossword puzzle features adorable Thanksgiving pictures.

There are 11 picture clues:

  • pie
  • turkey
  • potatoes
  • peas
  • bread
  • apples
  • mac and cheese
  • cookies
  • pasta
  • jam
  • pumpkin

A word bank is also included for additional support.

Kids will look at each picture, name the object, and locate the correct answer using the word bank. The word bank is there to help kids with spelling as well.

As kids guess the word, they can color in the picture clues as they go.

Encourage them to use their decoding skills by phonetically sounding out letters to figure out what each word is in the word bank.

If it’s their first time completing a crossword, definitely coach them through it and take your time.

If your kids get frustrated stop and come back to it at another time. As we know, the more they practice, the easier it’ll become.

As usual, this printable is designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11″ printer paper. Enjoy!

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