Summer Missing Letters and Handwriting Practice (Free Printables)

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Missing letters activity free printables for kindergarten

Inside: Fun summer handwriting practice and missing letter worksheets!

Review the alphabet in a fun way with these free summer missing letters alphabet worksheets! These summer-themed worksheets are rigorous and fun. Your kids will enjoy practicing writing their letters as well as strengthening their letter recognition skills.

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Summer Missing Alphabet Letters Worksheets

free summer ABC missing letter activities freebie

By age 2, kids can start recognizing some letters of the alphabet and start singing the “ABC” song. By age 4, most kids will know all of the letters of the alphabet and their correct order.

These missing letters alphabet worksheets will help your kindergarteners (age 5+) practice their letter recognition and letter order skills.

These printables are also a great way to practice handwriting skills. If you want more practice with alphabet letter tracing, we have a free uppercase A-Z letter tracing printables as well as a lowercase A-Z letter tracing worksheets. These worksheets include number guides to help with correct letter formation.

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Alphabet Printables

There are 4 worksheets included in this printable download! Each worksheet features spaces for all 26 alphabet letters, with blank spaces throughout for kids to write the correct missing letters.

Free summer letter recognition activity for kids

For each worksheet, kids will have to look at the letters provided, figure out which letters are missing, and then write down the missing letters. The first two pages include missing uppercase letters and the last two pages include missing lowercase letters.

These worksheets give kids a fun summer-themed opportunity to work on their letter recognition skills and get some extra handwriting practice as well (win-win!).

These worksheets are great for kindergarteners to review their letters and for any kid that needs extra practice.

The following areas of learning are covered:

  • Letter recognition
  • Handwriting practice (upper and lowercase letters)
  • Fine motor skills
  • ABC order


To add some more fun and learning to this activity, try using this (or any other suitable) music video of the ABC song. My children’s favorite ABC song is the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom song.

And, Captain Discovery has a great Guess the Missing Alphabet Video that is fun and educational! It would pair perfectly with this activity.

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