Summer Donuts I Spy Game With Graphing (Free Printable)

Are you ready for a fun, educational, and oh-so-sweet activity? We’ve got a special treat just for you – our Free Donut I Spy Game Printable!

This activity is perfect for keeping your little ones entertained and learning at the same time. I have a feeling this printable game is sure to be a hit in your household this summer.

Free Donuts I Spy printable that includes the I Spy game and a graphing sheet

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About this Donut I Spy Game Printable

I spy activities are a ton of fun!I’ve got a bunch of free I Spy activities ready for you on the blog, and I’m excited to add even more to the mix this year!

But what makes I spy activities so awesome? They’re a fantastic learning tool for kids to pick up foundational early math skills and so much more!

Here are three awesome benefits of using any of our I Spy activities, including this cool summer donuts one:

  1. Visual discrimination and attention to detail. By searching for specific donut images, kids learn to pay close attention to details and differentiate between similar items. It’s a fun way to enhance their focus and concentration!
  2. Counting and sorting skills. This printable game is also great for practicing counting and sorting. Kids will count the different donuts and group them by type and color. It’s a playful way to reinforce their counting skills and introduce sorting concepts.
  3. Interactive and independent play. Lucia, my oldest, had a blast working on this, and the best part? She completed it all by herself. Nice! So, whether your kid plays alone or with friends, the Donut I Spy Game encourages interactive and independent play.
Free Donuts I Spy printable that includes the I Spy game and a graphing sheet with a bin of crayons in the background

Details of the Donut I Spy Printable Game

Let’s get to the details. I’ve packed this game with adorable summer donut images—six in total. These donuts are living it up with all the summer staples like sipping cold lemonade, enjoying a yummy ice cream cone, and relaxing on the sand.

There are two worksheets in this freebie download, and are meant to be printed on 8.5 x 11″ printer paper. Get out some crayons, markers, or colored pencils, and get ready to find, color and count!

The first worksheet is the main sheet featuring the I Spy game activity. Kids will hunt for six different donut images, count each type of donut, and then write the total number for each type into the provided box.

Image shows the free Donuts I Spy activity with an image of a hand holding a pink crayon

The colors used for this I spy game are: pink, purple, orange, green, blue, and red. Simply completing this page still provides all three benefits described above! However, if your kids are ready for an extra challenge, guiding them through the completion of the second page offers additional educational benefits.

The second worksheet is where the graphing magic happens. Typically, graphing is introduced in kindergarten or first grade. One of the main reasons I include a graphing activity with the I Spy games I offer here is to introduce graphing in a fun and stress-free manner for kids.

Image shows the free Donuts I Spy graphing activity with an image of a two hands counting fingers

The second page showcases a bar graph, which is one of the simpler graphs for kids to learn. Bar graphs are an easy way to visually show that different lengths represent different quantities. This makes it easier for little kids to understand and interpret the graph. It also helps them get comfortable with graphing so when they’re introduced to the concept in school, they have a, “No sweat, I got this!” mindset.

The other tasks on the second page helps kids understand the concept of comparison. They’re tasked with circling the donut with the least and the one with the most. Additionally, they practice writing numbers using tally marks. Using tally marks is a simple and effective way for kids to count and represent quantities in a different way.

Image shows the two free Donut I Spy printables completed

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Image shows the two printables included in the Donuts I Spy printable download

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