My Summer Bucket List Flip Book Activity For Kids (Free Printable)

Summer is right around the corner and as this school year comes to a close, what better way to end it than by planning for the adventures that lie ahead!

Get kids excited for summer break by creating a fun and free summer bucket list flip book printable!

This summer bucket list flip book printable is the perfect way to anticipate the adventures your kid has in mind for the sunny season ahead.

Summer Bucket List Downloadable Activity for Kids, shows pages and finished flip book in a child's hands

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Why I Like To Create A Summer Bucket List Flip Book With My Kids

Creating a summer bucket list flip book is a fantastic way for your little one to plan out their summer. It’s also a great way for you to learn about all the exciting things that they’re looking forward to doing.

Take my youngest daughter, Izzy, for example. By using this activity, we had a great conversation about what she was looking forward to doing the most this summer.

I discovered she’s really excited about riding her Spider-Man bike, hitting the movies, and eating heaps of ice cream. To make her summer memorable and fun, I’ll make sure that I include these experiences in our summer plans.

Materials (printouts and scissors) for the Summer Bucket List Flip Book Activity

Top 5 Benefits For Creating This Summer Bucket List Flip Book

While this activity is fantastic for improving motor skills, its educational benefits extend far beyond that! Here are my top five reasons why it’s worth the effort:

A child's hands coloring a bike image with supplies all around (glue, crayons, scissors)
  1. Visual representation: A flip book brings their summer plans to life visually, making it simpler for your kids to convey their thoughts and ideas by using images. Using pictures helps kids understand ideas better because they’re shown in a clear and easy-to-understand way (concrete v. abstract).
  2. Engagement: this interactive activity pulls kids right into the planning process, giving them the opportunity to communicate their preferences. Doing this instills a sense of ownership in them, and teaches them life skills such as decision-making and organization.
  3. Organization: This activity provides your kids with the chance to structure their thoughts and ideas in a tangible, organized manner.
  4. Creativity: Through coloring, cutting, and gluing, this activity enables creative expression and offers a personalized experience.
  5. Bonding: This activity encourages you to collaborate, communicate, and connect with your kids, which in turn strengthens your relationship with them.
A child's hands gluing an image to their summer bucket list printable

What’s Included In Our Summer Bucket List Flip Book Printable

This free printable Summer Bucket List Activity includes the following pages in PDF format:

  1. A cover page
  2. Places to go page
  3. Things to eat page
  4. Things to do page
  5. A page full of image options to choose from (8 per category, 24 total)
A child's hands gluing a "girl swimming" image on their summer bucket list printable

Supplies Needed To Create Your Summer Bucket List Flip Book

I love to keep things simple, but fun! So, you’ll only need these five things to help your kid create their personalized summer flip book:

  1. Summer Bucket List Flip Book Printable (free download!)
  2. Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Stapler
child's hands coloring the summer bucket printable

How To Create Your Summer Bucket List Flip Book

You have three options for creating your summer bucket list flip book. Pick the one that best suits your child’s needs.

  1. Picture-based Bucket List (Adapted Bucket List): This option is great for non-readers and non-writers. Kids will choose, color, cut, and paste from the pictures provided to craft their book. This was the perfect option for my three-year-old, Izzy.
  2. Drawing Bucket List: Kids will draw their bucket list items to create their book.
  3. Writing Bucket List: Kids will draw their bucket list items and write descriptions to create their book.
child holding a completed summer bucket list printable flip book

Putting Your Summer Bucket List Flip Book Together

After your kid is done creating their summer bucket list, they are ready to put the flip book together. This is super easy to do!

First, you or your child will cut out the buckets on each page. After that, place the cover sheet bucket as the first page, then arrange the remaining bucket pages in your desired order. Stack the pages on top of each other and staple them at the top of the bucket handles. Voila! Your flip book is ready to go!

child's hands holding a flipped page of their summer bucket list flip book

Have Fun Creating This Summer Bucket List Flip Book With Your Kids

This activity not only helps you figure out what fun things you should do with your kids this summer but also gives you the chance to plan some awesome experiences together. It’s a win-win for creating unforgettable memories!

So gather your materials and get started!

Download Your Summer Bucket List Flip Book Printable Here

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