Memorial Day Read and Color Emergent Reader (Free Printable)

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In the United States, the last Monday of May holds special significance. Memorial Day, initially observed in 1868, commemorates the sacrifices of fallen soldiers who bravely fought for our freedom over 150 years ago.

Use our free Memorial Day Read and Color Emergent Reader to help your little one learn more about this special holiday. This resource highlights some of the various ways we honor and remember our fallen soldiers.

Kid's hand holding the Memorial Day Emergent Reader Mini Book

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Free Memorial Day Emergent Reader to Read and Color

This free resource features a printable emergent reader designed for your kids to read and color.

A printout of the free Memorial Day Emergent Reader

It includes 12 half pages of kid-friendly Memorial Day images and simple, repetitive text for an engaging and educational experience.

This Memorial Day Emergent Reader printable is meant to be printed on standard 8.5 x 11″ printer paper. There are two pages per full sheet.

Half-pages of the Memorial Day Emergent Reader next to a stapler

As kids go through the book, they’ll see pictures that go along with the text, making it easier for them to understand what they’re reading.

On the last page, they’re instructed to draw a picture about how they will celebrate this Memorial Day.

Kid's hands holding the Memorial Day Mini Book next to a stapler

By reading, coloring, and drawing, kids get a fun, interactive way to learn about this special national holiday.

This hands-on approach to learning about Memorial Day is meant to help develop your little one’s fine motor skills, reinforce comprehension, and provide a deeper connection to the material.

Kid's hand coloring the cover page of the Memorial Day Emergent Reader

How To Put The Memorial Day Emergent Reader Together

To get started, download this printable and cut each page in half lengthwise (portrait orientation). Then, assemble the sheets and staple them together using the provided guides. Voila! Your mini book is ready for action!

Make sure you have coloring supplies such as crayons, colored pencils, or markers available for kids to use, allowing them to interact with the book’s images.

Kid's hand pointing to text in the Memorial Day Mini Reader

More Memorial Day Printables!

One way we honor and remember the brave men and women who fought to keep us safe is by writing letters to them. This meaningful activity is highlighted in our emergent reader.

We have an awesome Memorial Day Thank You Cards freebie that features four special designs for your kids to write heartfelt messages of thanks. Deliver these cards to service members this Memorial Day to show your appreciation!

If you’re looking for a Memorial Day craft, download our free Memorial Day Flag Craft. Kids can use this downloadable printable to craft their own American flag, expressing gratitude for our nation’s heroes.

For additional Memorial Day-themed educational activities, grab this free 5-page math printable mini pack! It includes activities like an I Spy with graphing, AB patterns, counting to 10, and sequencing.

Kid's hand showing the last page of the  Memorial Day Mini Book

Learning About Memorial Day For Kids

Our Memorial Day Emergent Reader is an excellent tool to help your child understand the significance of Memorial Day!

This mini book is easy to read and fun to color! Download and print now for a fun and meaningful learning experience!

kid's hands holding the Memorial Day Mini Book

Download The Free Memorial Day Emergent Reader Here

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Kid's hand pointing to text in the Memorial Day Emergent Reader

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