5 Fun and Engaging Letter C Worksheets (Free Printables)

Letter C practice packet

free letter e practice worksheets

Your kids are going to have FUN practicing their letter identification skills in an interactive way with these Letter C worksheets. If your child is showing an interest in the ABC’s, start helping them identify the letters! We’ve released packets for Letter A and Letter B. Here’s a packet for the letter C.

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Fun ways to get your child to start identifying letters

free letter c practice printables

Here are three ways to make teaching and practicing letter identification fun and engaging for your child!

1. Use our free, no prep letter recognition learning packets!

Our packets are designed to engage your little one in a fun and interactive way, without overwhelming them at the same time.

Our resources are clean, simple, and easy to use! You can choose to start with Letter A  and teach the letters sequentially, or start with the letters in your child’s name (my preferred method).

2. Incorporate music!

Music has been proven to strengthen our cognitive skills and I bet your child loves music! Sing the ABC song often and have some visual letter identification cards or magnets to play and interact with as you sing together. Jack Hartman’s YouTube music channel is one of my daughter’s favorites!

3. Go on an alphabet scavenger hunt!

Go on an alphabet scavenger hunt! When my oldest was in preschool, she LOVED doing this activity. It’s super easy to set up and really fun for your kids to do! Check out our alphabet scavenger hunt and how to set it up.

free alphabet scavenger hunt game

Letter C practice worksheets

Using these letter identification packets is really easy. It’s as simple as gathering some everyday school supplies and clicking print!

  1. Download and print this resource. You can choose to print some or all of the worksheets. Your choice! And feel free to complete them in whatever order you wish! It’s important to follow your child’s lead. Ask them which one they’d like to do first.
free letter c activity packet
  1. Have some common school supplies ready to go. You’ll need some coloring supplies (crayons, markers, colored pencils, or gel pens) and some glue and scissors. The more variety in coloring supplies, the more engaged your child will be. As a former special education teacher you quickly learn that providing choice is a huge motivator for a student!
  1. Have fun! Incorporate some music as suggested above, and finish with a fun alphabet scavenger hunt!

Making printables reusable

If you’d like to reuse your printables, you can print this packet out and place it in a sheet protector. Your child can cover all the letter C’s that they find. You don’t need anything fancy to cover up the letters. A cotton ball or a dab of play dough will do!

You could also use a  dry-erase marker and have your child circle or color in all the letter C’s. I love that the dry-erase markers easily wipe off of the sheet protectors (less mess!)

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Free letter C identification worksheets PDF

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All activities to be done with adult supervision.

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