Label And Color Spooky Haunted House Free Printable

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Spooky Haunted House Coloring Activity

Free Halloween Haunted House Coloring Worksheet

Here’s another fun and free spooky art project to get your kids into the spirit of Halloween this season! Your kids are going to have such a blast labeling and coloring this adorable and Free Haunted House Printable that features boarded up windows, large cobwebs, and a howling ghost. Color if you dare. Download this no-prep activity today!

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Label and Color a Haunted House Printable

Free Halloween Haunted House Coloring and Labeling Activity

Did you know the first haunted house attraction was built over 100 years ago in England in 1915?

I was terrified of them when I was younger, but now they’re kinda fun.

I managed to do the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Haunted Adventure in Gatlinburg, TN without screaming too much.

Fortunately, this haunted house has been designed with kids in mind to ensure it’s not too scary.

It’s a fun activity for kids of all ages!

Haunted House Halloween Printable For Kids

This is a great activity that combines literacy and coloring in an engaging and interactive way!

This activity will help kids practice their fine motor skills and develop their word recognition and vocabulary skills.

Free Halloween Haunted House Coloring Printable

Before coloring the haunted house, they’ll learn some haunted house vocabulary.

First they’ll label parts of the haunted house by cutting and pasting the eight vocabulary words in the correct boxes.

Haunted house vocabulary includes:

  • roof
  • window
  • chimney
  • door
  • web
  • bat
  • ghost
  • fence

If your kid is just starting out learning how to read, help them study each word and see if they can tell you where to glue it on the house. This part of the activity is a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with them.

Afterwards, when kids have labeled all the haunted house features, they can color the house however they want!

As with all of our printables, it has been designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11″ printer paper.

To add extra fun to the coloring experience, you can use glitter crayons, confetti crayons, or neon crayons.

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