Sweet and Fun Ice Cream Alphabet Matching Activity (Free Printable)

Fun alphabet matching activity

Does your child love ice cream? If they do, treat them with our free ice cream alphabet matching printable! This is a fun and creative way activity for them to learn their letters! Letter identification is an important pre-reading skill. This activity will support your toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener to recognize the letters of the alphabet in an engaging and truly hands-on way.

Using a cute and colorful ice cream theme, this activity is designed to assist your child with their letter identification by matching uppercase letters to their lowercase counterparts. Moreover, your little one will have fun doing this activity over and over again!

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Why are matching activities important for kids?

There are many benefits that matching activities provide to early and primary learners. Three primary benefits are that they strengthen concentration skills, memory skills, and critical thinking skills.

“Concentration is like a muscle that requires exercise to strengthen.”

Dr. Jamie M. Howard
free ice cream alphabet matching activity

Providing kids with activities that help them exercise their concentration “muscle” is important to helping them maintain their attention for longer periods of time as they mature. Using matching activities is a great way to help your child develop sustained attention and concentration.

This alphabet matching resource will help your child develop their visual memory skills. Matching the alphabet letters correctly in this activity relies on making sense of the data. One way this happens is by identifying the letters correctly by recalling their specific features. Matching activities and games also help with working memory.

Working memory is an important executive functioning skill. Executive functioning skills are skills that help you accomplish tasks. Providing opportunities for your child to improve brain function will also increase their short-term and working memory capacity. This will help your child become a better reader in the future.

Another benefit that matching activities provide is helping a child develop their critical thinking skills or reasoning skills. It introduces logic development into the mix. How is your child going to solve a problem? With our alphabet matching activity, it will challenge your child to really think while they are considering potential letter matches.

Alphabet matching printable

This printable features a fun and bright ice cream theme to add engagement and interest to the alphabet matching task. There are two activity pages and two cut-out pages.

The two activity pages feature cones that are labeled with the lowercase letters of the alphabet. Your little one will match the uppercase letters of the alphabet, which are set into colorful scoops of ice cream, to their lowercase counterparts. Some prep is required on your part to make this activity reusable, which I highly recommend.

alphabet matching printable with scissors and plant

How to set up and use this alphabet matching resource

Alright my DIY friend, are you ready to print, cut, and assemble? It’s simple to do and you’ll love the results! Here’s the scoop on how to prepare this great activity 🍨!

Scotch laminating machine with printable

To get the full interactive experience, I recommend printing this activity out in color using cardstock paper. Using cardstock will make the activity sheets sturdier.

I highly recommend laminating all of the sheets to make this activity reusable! I use this laminator, which is great, and I found (and use) these Amazon laminating sheets that work well and are more affordable.

You’ll need to cut out the uppercase letters. If you’re type A like me, you’ll want to use a paper trimmer to make sure the lines are straight. I use a Swingline paper cutter because I use it a ton and it’s an exceptional paper trimmer!

But, if you don’t have a paper trimmer, a sharp pair of scissors will do! I’ve included dotted cutting guide lines to make the task of cutting the letters out easier.

TIP: After cutting out all of the ice cream scoop pieces, you’ll want to go back and trim close to the ice cream scoop solid lines. See image below for reference.

Cutting out the letter pieces

Next, you’ll want to laminate the all the letter pieces. Place the letters in laminating sheets and pass them through the laminator machine.

Again, you’ll need to cut the pieces out – which I know is a lot of cutting. I think it’s worth it because the lamination sticks better this way – but you decide!

Finally, you’ll want to add the interactive element. If you plan on making more of these activities I would go ahead and get hook and loop dots, aka what I call Velcro dots!

There is a “rough” side and a “soft” side to the hook and loop dots. The image below shows you where to add the hook and loop dots on your printable.

How to use hook and loop dots

TIP #1: Once you place a hook and loop dot it’s not going anywhere! So make sure you’re certain with the placement of the dot before you press down.

TIP #2: If you put the “wrong” dot on a piece, don’t worry – just make sure whatever you’re going to attach it to has the opposite type of Velcro dot. You always want soft to rough. Soft to soft, or rough to rough does not work.

Finally, if you want to organize this activity and make sure all the pieces don’t get lost (again, I’m a proud type A creative over here) you’ll want to put the activity sheets in a 1” binder.

To do this, you’ll need a 3-hole punch. I found an affordable 4-pack set of 1” binders on Amazon. I think once you start making these you’ll have a new obsession.

Lastly, you’ll need something to store all of the little letter cards in, like this pencil pouch that can also be stored securely in your binder.

MY TWO CENTS: If you don’t have any of this stuff on hand you can still use this activity and it will work just fine! The above materials are a way to make this activity reusable and long-lasting.

Recommended Supplies for Our Printables:

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Free ice cream alphabet matching Activity PDF

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