A Quick Guide to B and D Letter Reversals and How to Fix Them (Free Printables Included)

B and D Letter Reversal Packet

free letter b and d reversal packet


Letter reversal is a common struggle with children. Use my FUN and interactive B and D letter confusion printables to help your child remedy their letter reversals.

There are certain letters in the English alphabet that have similar shapes and sizes that easily confuse kids with identifying these letters and also writing them correctly. Read on to discover why kids struggle with letter reversals and how to help them fix it.

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What are letter reversals?

Letter reversals (also known as letter confusion and mirror writing) is when a child writes their letters upside down or backwards. You may have noticed this when they are writing their numbers too. The most common letter reversals occur with the letters b and d, followed by the letters p and q.

Is it normal for kids to mix up or reverse their letters?

Yes! It’s very common for children between the ages of 3 and 7 (and even 8) to struggle with letter reversal. My oldest daughter struggled with letter reversal in kindergarten. In fact, we’re using these practice worksheets now to help reinforce correct letter b and d identification!

How can I help my child with letter reversals?

The easiest and simplest way to help your child with letter reversals is to help them identify each letter of the alphabet correctly (letter recognition) along with its specific sound (phonics). Use our B and D reversal packet to get you started! Our packets include engaging coloring and cut and paste activities to make learning identification fun and painless.

letter b and d practice worksheets

Do letter reversals mean my child has dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a very common language-based learning disability that occurs when someone has difficulty interpreting phonological components (sound patterns) of our language. Writing letters backwards or upside down is not necessarily a sign that your child has dyslexia.

 PRO TIP: If you have questions about your child’s learning, please reach out to your child’s teachers and your doctor. Together you can discuss your concerns to make sure your child gets the support they need. Early intervention services can significantly improve a child’s developmental outcome.

No prep B and D letter reversal printables

letter b and d reversal packet

As a no prep learning packet, these resources are easy on printer ink and require no cutting or extra preparation by adults. This letter reversal packet is designed to help kids with letters b and d by providing them with a FUN way to practice and reinforce these letters. There are 5 different hands-on activities altogether that should help remedy b and d letter reversals! It includes 4 practice worksheets and 1 game resource.

Letter B and D practice worksheets

letter b and d cut and paste worksheets
  1. B or D: Cut and Paste Worksheet: For this practice worksheet, your child will cut out the lowercase letters at the bottom of the page and then glue them to their uppercase match at the top of the page.
  1. B or D: Color by Letter Worksheet: Your child will follow the coloring code provided to color the image correctly.
letter b and d reversal worksheets
  1. B or D: Letter Sort Worksheet: Your child will cut out the letters on the bottom of the worksheet and glue them into the correct box. This activity challenges your child’s visual discrimination skills since the letters at the bottom are written in different printed and published styles.
  1. B or D: Letter Maze Worksheet: Help the dog find the bone! Your child follow a trail of letter b’s in a sea of letter d’s! I suggest either laminating this printable or placing it in a sheet protector so that you can reuse this resource.
  1. B or D: Race to the Stars! Game. Who doesn’t love a fun game? This is a great activity that you can do with you rkid! It’s always great when you can play an active role in your child’s learning by participating in the activity with them. I also recommend laminating it or placing it in a sheet protector. You’ll want to have some dry-erase markers and a die. I go over the different types of educational dice in this post. I recommend a die with dots for this game.

How to play as a two-player game:

girl rolling foam dot die

One person is person Bb and the other is person Dd. Each person will take turns rolling a single die. If person Bb rolls an even number (2, 4, or 6) they will trace one letter Bb. If person Bb rolls an odd number (1, 3 or 5), they lose a turn.

When it’s the person Dd’s turn, they will roll the die. If person Dd rolls an odd number (1, 3, or 5), they will trace one letter Dd. If person Dd rolls an even number (2, 4, or 6), they lose a turn. The first person to trace all their letters and reach their star wins!

How to play as a one-player game:

girl playing game practicing letters b and d

As independent practice, your child can play to see which letter, Bb or Dd, reaches the star first. Each role will result in either tracing one letter Bb (even numbers) or one letter Dd (odd numbers). Your child will keep rolling until all letters are traced on one side.

Free letter B and D reversal packet PDF

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Free letter b and d reversal worksheets

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