Halloween Math Color by Code More or Less Than 50 (Free Printable)

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Halloween comparing numbers color by code activity

Free less or more than 50 printable

Have your kids begin comparing numbers in math with this free Color by Code More than or less than 50 Worksheet. This worksheet is a perfect addition to practicing the concept of more or less this Halloween season. Get this no-prep printable first grade worksheet today!

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Why is comparing numbers important to learn?

Free less or more than 50 worksheet for kids

Being able to compare numbers is a big part of developing strong number sense.

The ability to compare numbers means that you have a good understanding of how numbers relate to each other.

Eventually this concept will expand into comparing numbers by using specific signs, such as the equals sign (=), the greater than sign (>), and the less than sign (<).

Teaching your kids to do these simple math activities will also help them learn more advanced math skills like decomposing numbers into tens and ones.

Halloween math activities for kids

This activity pairs really well with two other Halloween-themed activities on our site:

free Halloween hundreds chart activity

The free hundreds chart counting activity features a hundreds chart. A hundreds chart is a tool that helps students see patterns and helps with counting, number recognition, and sequencing.

The hundreds chart would be a useful tool to have on hand for completing this worksheet. Kids can reference the chart if they need extra support or to check their answers.

Free Halloween adding up to 10 printable

This free adding up to 10 worksheet is another great activity that goes well with this one. In fact this activity is called Witch’s Brew Too!.

The adding activity is a great way for students develop math fact fluency.

Halloween more or less than 50 activity for kids

This is a no-prep worksheet is designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11″ printer paper. Just download, print, and use!

Free Halloween more or less than 50 practice worksheet

To add an extra bit of fun set the stage with these worksheets and offer a little story: A witch is making a deliciously smelly soup made of frog legs and dragon goop. Pop the bubbles by coloring them either orange or green. But hurry this witch is feeling hungry and mean!

Kids will use the color code to show if a number in a bubble is greater than or less than 50.

They’ll do this by using a green and orange crayon, colored pencil, or marker.

There are a total of 21 number bubbles to color in.

This Halloween math activity is a great way to add some spooky fun to a skill that will be continuously worked on throughout the year.

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