Halloween Haunted Mansion I Spy Free Printable For Kids

Halloween I Spy Haunted Mansion Activity

Free haunted house I spy printable for Halloween

Beware of the haunted mansion this Halloween season! Your kids will have a spooky time finding all the images in this free I Spy Haunted Mansion printable! Download this no-prep I Spy game activity today!

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I Spy Haunted House Printable

free Halloween haunted house printable

I don’t know about your kids, but mine are itching to celebrate Halloween this year!

Lucia has decided to be a unicorn and our baby, Izzy, is going to be Baby Yoda (Grogu).

To keep Lucia’s spirits up, I’ve been busy making fun and educational Halloween activities that she can do while she eagerly awaits the 31st.

Here’s a new Halloween I Spy Haunted Mansion printable that you can download today!

Haunted Mansion I Spy Worksheet

You’ll need some coloring supplies to complete this I Spy Haunted Mansion printable. Since it’s Halloween-themed, using glitter crayons, glitter gel pens, or confetti crayons to find and color all of the images adds to the fun of this activity! Right now Lucia’s still in love with these glitter gel pens.

Beware, this I Spy printable has spookier images than the ghosts I Spy and Candy I Spy activities. So it’s not for the faint of heart.

There are six images to find and color. They are:

  • a wooden “Do Not Enter” sign
  • a fence with sharp spindles
  • a leaning haunted mansion
  • a “Caution” sign
  • unhappy dwelling ghosts
  • a lamppost with a spider
haunted house I spy game printable

To complete this activity, kids will look for the different images. Once they find an image, they’ll color it according to the color code. When all of the images have been found, they’ll count up all the images that are the same and write their totals in the boxes provided.

By working on this activity, kids will strengthen their counting skills, visual discrimination skills, and their fine motor skills!

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