Free Cute Halloween Cut And Paste Activities: Sorting by Size

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Halloween size ordering worksheets

Halloween printables sorting by size

Treat your preschooler to these free and fun Halloween-themed cut and paste activities to practice sorting by size! They’ll sort cats, bats, and adorable monsters in a fun and hands-on way with these Halloween printables.

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Halloween cut and paste sorting activities

Halloween sorting activity

While I was doing some back to school supply shopping yesterday, I noticed that Halloween decorations were already up for grabs on the store shelves. And I’m here for it 🎃!

Lucia (my oldest) and I love Halloween. It’s our favorite holiday. So I couldn’t resist adding more Halloween activities for your child (and my child) to enjoy!

Today’s Halloween freebie is all about size ordering! Let’s take a closer look as to why size ordering is an important skill for preschoolers (and kindergarteners) to master.

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Why is size ordering an important early learning skill?

Size ordering is an important early math skill to learn. Sorting by size, color, or shape helps to develop a child’s executive functioning skills as well as their visual discrimination and fine motor skills.

size ordering diagram
  • This activity will help your child strengthen their critical thinking skills by having them sort and organize matching images in a specific order. Any activity which helps to develop a child’s critical thinking skills will further enhance their executive functioning skills.
  • These worksheets will also help your child develop their visual discrimination skills by sorting images that are the same by size from smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest.
  • Finally, since this is a cut and paste educational resource, your child will also practice their fine motor skills by cutting and gluing the images into the boxes provided.

5 More Halloween printables:

Halloween-themed cut and paste size ordering activities

free kids size ordering activity Halloween-themed

There are two worksheets included in this Halloween freebie! One worksheet features cute bats and cats and the other one features two different silly monsters.

Each worksheet has a total of ten images, five of which are used to sort by size from small to large and five to sort from large to small.

These cut and paste size ordering activities work great for preschoolers and kindergarteners. It can also be used as a review or intervention activity for any child or student that needs additional practice with this concept.

These are no-prep Halloween activities. Just download, print, and complete! No costly ink is required, no laminating, and no cutting on your part 😉. Just regular printer paper, a glue stick, kids scissors, and some coloring supplies if your child wants to color the images.

cut and paste Halloween size ordering worksheets

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As a cut and paste activity, your child will look at each of the five images and then rearrange them in the correct order per the instructions. They will paste their answers into the boxes provided to complete the task.

I found this awesome all-in-one Crayola Ultimate Art Case that has all the supplies needed for your kid to get crafty. It’s perfect for on-the-go fun, as a school kit, and as a home kit for arts and crafts projects! Being organized sparks my Marie Kondo joy. So anything that comes in a case with compartments makes my day.

Sorting by size with toys

After your child completes these Halloween cut and paste size ordering activities (or before) have fun putting things in order by size at home!

Grab an assortment of your kid’s toys and then have your kid sort and organize the toys by size. This provides an easy, hands-on opportunity to practice size ordering in a real world setting!

Depending on your child’s comfort level and needs, you can start off by size ordering with two categories: small and large.

Here’s a great sorting by size video to help reinforce this concept:

When your child’s ready, you can move on to add three size categories: small, medium, and large.

BONUS: Download the rainbow labels.

toys put in order by size

While sorting, your child might ask you for your opinion, “Is this one medium or large?”. Instead of answering the question for them, ask them questions to help them find ways to figure out the answer.

Questions like, “What happens if you put the two toys right next to each other? Can you put them side by side and see if one is “taller” or “bigger” than the other?”. This is where comparison and measuring skills can also be taught, practiced, or reinforced.

This is a really fun activity for your child to do! Plus, it’s easy to “set up” and it can help you them organize all their toys afterwards.

It’s also possible that your kid may find a toy they haven’t played with in a while. Which means extra independent playing time for them and more down time for you 🙌!

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