Fun and Free: Feed the Puppy Game Printable for Kids!

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It’s time for a fun, interactive early learning game, y’all! You’re going to love this free Feed the Puppy game! This adorable game is not only fun and engaging but also educational, making it a win-win for you and your kids.

image shows a girl's hand placing a dog bone in the open mouth of the puppy printable and a blue dice in the background

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Introducing the Feed the Puppy Printable Game

This Feed the Puppy printable game is a blast! It’s interactive and filled with math-based fun, making it a fantastic activity for kids. We’re all about learning through play, and this printable delivers an engaging play experience that’s as educational as it is entertaining.

Research has shown time and time again that hands-on activities and games play a key role in kid’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. By engaging in interactive play experiences, kids not only build essential skills but also develop a love for learning.

Images shows pieces of the free Feed the Puppy Printable game laminated

So, what exactly is the Feed the Puppy Game all about? Picture this: two adorable puppies eagerly waiting to be fed their favorite treat- a delicious dog bone! This game is designed to let kids experience the joy of giving a pet a treat while also practicing important skills like fine motor control, counting, and sorting.

It’s suitable for preschoolers and kindergarteners, making it perfect for families with little ones at home or as a math center in a classroom.

Image shows the two puppy templates and an image of the numbered dog bones that come in the download

Benefits of the Feed the Puppy Game

Let’s talk about why the Feed the Puppy Game is more than just a cute activity. Here are some 3 key benefits:

  1. Fine Motor Skills: As kids feed the puppy their treat, their honing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. For an added challenge, have kids use a pair of kids tweezers to pick up the bones to feed their puppy.
  2. Number recognition, counting, and sorting: in this game, we use a dice to add an extra element of fun! After rolling the dice, kids count the number of dots and search for a bone that matches that number. Kids can choose to sort their bones and group them by number as a way to keep track of their dog bones.
  3. Imaginative play: this game sparks creativity and imagination. Role-playing is a big part of caring for their puppy, so as kids pretend to feed and look after their furry friend, they might even come up with a whole story about their puppy’s adventures.

When my girls played this game, my youngest, Izzy, kept saying, “Good boy,” and “petting” her dog, who she named Midnight. My oldest, Lucia, started off calling her puppy Sparkles but then switched his name to Spotty. They ended up playing this game for over half an hour!

close-up of kid's hand giving the puppy a dog bone treat for the free Feed the Puppy printable

How to Use the Feed the Puppy Game

Getting started with the Feed the Puppy Game is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the Printable: Enter your email address in the form below to access your free Feed the Puppy Game Printable.
  2. Print and Prepare: Print out the game on sturdy cardstock paper and cut out the puppy and treat pieces. Use a corner hole punch to round the edges on the treat pieces and laminate for extra durability. Also find a container that will hold the dog bones (see picture).
  3. Feed the Puppies: Let the feeding frenzy begin! Encourage your child to feed their puppy the corresponding number of treats using their fingers or small tongs.
Image shows materials needed for the game: a plastic container, foam dice, dog bone cutouts and a puppy image

How to Play the Feed the Puppy Game

Playing this game is so much fun and very intuitive. It offers two gameplay options. Let’s explore them below.

Feed the Puppy Game Version 1 – Non-competitive

For this gameplay option, kids will roll the dice, count the dots, and then find the matching bone to feed their puppy. Decide whether you want to start off with 10 or 20 dog bones and play from there. This can be played as a one or two player game, but kids won’t be competing against each other. They can feed the same puppy or both puppies.

This non-competitive version encourages kids to use their counting and number recognition skills, along with their fine motor skills. It’s a no-pressure game that kids can enjoy for as long as they like.

Kid playing the free Feed the Puppy printable game

Feed the Puppy Game Version 1 – Competitive

This gameplay option is for two players. Decide how many bones each player will start with. If you want each player to have 10 bones, just print the dog bones sheet (page 6 of the download). If you want each player to have more bones, simply print the dog bones sheet as many times as needed.

Decide who goes first— we usually start with the youngest player. Player one rolls the dice, counts the dots, and finds a bone with that number. Player two then does the same. It gets really fun when players have just a few bones left! If a player rolls a number they don’t have, they can’t feed their puppy and lose their turn. To win, a player must get rid of all their dog bones by rolling the numbers that match their bones.

Shows two dice, a pile of dog bones, and a puppy image with an open mouth - from the Feed the Puppy printable game

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