Fun 4th of July Coloring Pages (Free Printable)

I couldn’t resist adding one more 4th of July activity this year! So, here’s one more: fun Fourth of July coloring pages featuring adorable animals celebrating Independence Day.

free 4th of July coloring pages to download

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Why Independence Day Coloring Pages are a Hit

Independence Day is almost here! Got any special plans? Whether you do or don’t, these July 4th coloring pages will keep your kids entertained, whether it’s during a party or some downtime at home.

This fun and creative activity lets kids dive into their imaginations while staying busy. These patriotic coloring pages are perfect for adding some red, white, and blue fun to your Independence Day celebrations.

Kids can enjoy these activities anywhere—all you need is this free download and some crayons!

2 4th of July coloring activities

Since I started creating coloring pages, I’ve been kicking myself for not doing it sooner! They’re perfect for keeping my girls busy at restaurants until the food arrives.

These Independence Day coloring pages feature adorable patriotic images, making them a delightful addition to your holiday fun.

These fun coloring page activities are a super easy and enjoyable way for kids to practice their fine motor skills and unleash their creativity.

This free printable download includes two coloring worksheets, perfectly sized for 8.5 x 11″ printer paper.

Coloring page features a bear and bunny watching fireworks with text that reads, "Happy 4th of July!"

What are the Benefits of Using these Fourth of July Coloring Pages

Here are three reasons why these coloring pages are a must-have for your holiday festivities:

  • Boosts Creativity: Kids can choose their own colors and make each page uniquely theirs.
  • Develops Fine Motor Skills: Holding crayons and coloring within the lines helps improve hand-eye coordination*.
  • Educational Fun: Coloring patriotic symbols can be a great way to teach kids about the significance of the holiday.

*Staying within the lines takes practice—so in the meantime, cheer on your kid’s efforts and join in the fun too!

Coloring page features a bear and bunny watching fireworks and holding balloons with text that reads, "Happy 4th of July!"

What’s Included in Our Fourth of July Coloring Pages

Our free Fourth of July coloring pages are packed with festive designs that capture the excitement and spirit of Independence Day.

Both coloring pages showcase an adorable bear and bunny duo, with “Happy 4th of July” proudly displayed at the top.

an image of a hand holding a blue crayon coloring the free 4th of July coloring page

Here’s what you’ll find specifically on each page:

  • Coloring Page 1: A cute, smiling bunny holding a USA banner and an American flag balloon, with its big bear buddy tipping an American flag top hat towards the sparkling fireworks.
  • Coloring Page 2: The same adorable duo, but this time they’re rocking American flag shades! The bear, sporting a cute bowtie, is savoring a lollipop as he enjoys the fireworks display. Meanwhile, the bunny is popping out of an American flag top hat, taking in the dazzling show.
an image of a hand holding a pink crayon coloring the free 4th of July coloring page

How to Use These Independence Day Coloring Pages

These coloring pages are super versatile and can be used in many ways:

  • Party Activity: Keep the kids busy while you prep for your Fourth of July party or during the party.
  • BBQ Fun: Create a coloring station to keep the kids entertained while they wait for the delicious grilled hotdogs and hamburgers to be ready.
  • Quiet Time: Perfect for some downtime after all the excitement!

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How to Download and Print

Getting your hands on these free Fourth of July coloring pages is as easy as pie.

Just enter your email in the form below, and you’ll receive the PDF straight to your inbox. Print as many copies as you need, and let the coloring fun begin!

girl's hand with red crayon coloring the Independence Day coloring page

Recommended Supplies

You probably have most of these at home, but here’s a quick list of what you’ll need:

girl's hand with blue crayon coloring the Independence Day coloring page

Download and Print These Patriotic Coloring Printables Now

Ready to get started? Download your free Fourth of July coloring activities below and let the fun begin!

To grab this free printable activity, just fill out the form below, and voila! Your PDF will zip right into your inbox in a flash!

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All activities to be done with adult supervision.

I hope you enjoy these patriotic coloring printables! Check out our fun collection of other free printables for even more fun activities for your kids to do!

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2 July 4th coloring pages to download

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