10 Zoo Animal Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten (Free Printable)

Do your kids love the zoo? If so, they’ll enjoy practicing a variety of skills with these free zoo animal printables!

From letter recognition to counting, your preschooler or kindergartener will sharpen their early learning math and literacy skills with these engaging zoo animal worksheets!

Each worksheet features delightful zoo animal images to capture your kid’s curiosity and attention.

Two free preschool zoo animal printables: beginning sounds and shadow matching

Zoo Animal Worksheets for Kids

There are a total of ten worksheets for your kids to do in this zoo animal learning pack.

Kids will have an opportunity to work on the following skills:

  • the alphabet
  • letter recognition
  • number recognition
  • counting and numbers 1-10
  • comparisons
  • scissor skills
  • matching
  • patterns
  • beginning sounds

Through these activities, your child will have a well-rounded learning experience that fosters visual discrimination, fine motor development, and basic math and literacy concepts.

Free kindergarten zoo animals printables, one ABC maze, the other letter sorting

What Activities Are Included In Our Zoo Animal Printable Pack

This set of zoo animal printables is provided in PDF format and is intended for printing on standard 8.5 x 11″ paper.

Each of the ten worksheets offers unique educational benefits. The worksheets included are as follows:

  • Zoo Alphabet Worksheet: For this activity, kids will help the tiger reach the zookeeper by connecting the letters from A-Z in the correct order.
  • Zoo Letter Sorting Printable: For this cut and paste activity, kids will distinguish between lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Zoo Letter and Number Sorting Worksheet: For this cut and paste activity, kids will sort between letters and numbers.
  • Zoo Read and Color Worksheets : In this coloring exercise, children will read each number and color the corresponding number of animals to match. The first worksheet covers numbers 1-5, while the second worksheet covers numbers 6-10.
  • Zoo Comparison Worksheets: For these worksheets, kids will count the number of zoo animals in each group and figure out which group has more or less.
  • Zoo Patterns Printable: For this activity, kids will practice creating the patterns given. Patterns featured are: AB, ABC, AAB, ABB, and AABB.
  • Zoo Shadow (Silhouette) Matching Activity: For this cut and paste activity, kids will paste the images to their correct shadow.
  • Zoo Beginning Sounds Printable: This is another cut and paste activity where kids will look at each picture and figure out the beginning sound of each word. They will then glue the letter that makes that sound next to the picture.
kid's hand coloring in a gorilla on a zoo animal worksheet. Letter and number sorting worksheet in the background

Supplies Needed To Use These Zoo Animal Worksheets

This activity requires no prep on your part and only a few supplies to complete. The basics needed are crayons, markers, or colored pencils, a pencil, scissors, and glue. That’s it!

two free zoo animal printables: coloring numbers and which group has more

Have Fun With These Free Zoo Animal Activities

I hope your kids enjoy these zoo animal worksheets! I think they’re a great way to start conversations about all the different and cool animals at the zoo.

Go ahead and prompt your child to engage further with this resource by asking them to identify different animals, by finding out what they’re favorite animal is, and by discussing their favorite zoo memories.

I encourage you to find some cool facts to share with your kid about their favorite animal. Did you know that sloths are so much stronger than the average human?

Grab your Zoo Animal Printables here.

And grab your Zoo-themed I Spy printables to keep the zoo theme going!

two free zoo animal printables: patterns and which group has less

Download Your Zoo Animal Printables Here

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All activities to be done with adult supervision.

I hope you enjoy these zoo animal activities! For even more fun activities, explore our wide range of preschool and kindergarten printables!

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