Free Preschool Unicorn Count and Cover Mats To 20 Printable

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Counting to 20 Unicorn Activity

Free counting to 20 unicorn activity

Have your kids sharpen their counting skills with these free and fun unicorn cover and count math printables. They’re an engaging and creative way to get your preschooler or kindergartener excited to practice their counting skills and develop their number sense, which is the understanding of numbers, along with the ability to reason and connect numbers to one another. Add this to your math printable activities today!

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Unicorn Count and Cover Printable

Free unicorn count and cover printable

By the age of two, most toddlers are able to begin reciting numbers. By the time they’re three or four, it’s a good idea to have your toddler recite numbers and be able to count up to twenty.

A great way to help your child with their numbers is to introduce numbers in a new, fun, and relatable way.

These mats have a unicorn design that will make their learning experience fun.

Plus, the activity itself involves the use of playdough or manipulatives like small erasers to complete.

Unicorn Number Mats 1-20

These mats are designed to be printed in color on 8.5 x 11″ cardstock paper. You can print them in black and white, however, printing it color adds brightness and interest to the design.

I recommend printing the mats on cardstock and then laminating them so that they can be easily reused.

Free Unicorn counting mats numbers 1-20

Or, you can print the mat on regular printer paper and use a dry-erase sleeves or page protectors.

You’ll want to have some manipulatives on hand to use this printable. I like using these Mr. Pen assorted erasers from Amazon. You can also use little balls of colorful playdough or even a dry erase marker.


Here’s a quick rundown of recommended materials to use for these free unicorn count and cover mats:

How to Use

These mats are really versatile and cover may different early learning math skills like number counting, number recognition, even/odd numbers, and addition/subtraction to list a few.

To use, print out the mats. There are two. The first is numbers 1-10, the second is numbers 11-20.

This makes it easy to differentiate. Some kids can work on numbers 1-10 only, even starting with numbers 1-5, and others can work on the more advanced 11-20 mat.

The objective of these mats is for kids to show the value of each number with a small manipulative (like an eraser, a little ball of playdough, or math link cubes).

Kids will look at each square on the mat, count out the same number of mini erasers to that square on the mat, and then place them on top of the number.

They’ll continue until all the spaces are are filled on the mat.

Free Unicorn number mat with manipulatives
Free unicorn number mat in use

If you’re a teacher, these unicorn mats are perfect for math centers, math rotations, morning work, or even small group instruction.

If you’re a parent, this works well to supplement and enrich your child’s learning of foundational early learning math skills.

I hope you enjoy!

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