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Free Tooth Fairy Printables

free tooth fairy printables to download


Is your child about to lose their first tooth? Be ready to celebrate this awesome milestone with them using our free Tooth Fairy Printables! Add some extra magic and excitement by leaving the Tooth Fairy Receipt under your child’s pillow! Then, use our Tooth Fairy Certificate to get the perfect photo-op to remember this momentous occasion for years to come!

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tooth fairy printables set

It happened to us just the other day! My husband and I came home after a much-needed date night. My mom, our babysitter for the night, rushed over as we entered our house, and with a huge smile on her face, she said in animated tone, “¡Pasó!”

With that, she showed us a picture on her cellphone. There, staring back at me with the widest missing tooth grin, was my oldest daughter, Lucia.

girl smiling with missing front tooth

I mean how proud does she look in this picture, right?

While my husband and I were out, Lucia’s tooth was loose enough that she asked my mom to pull it out. Although we missed the actual tooth being pulled (super bummed about this!), I was so happy that my six-year-old firecracker lost her first tooth. Talk about an event that pulls at your heartstrings 💓.

I knew I wanted to do something special for her, so I decided to create some fun Tooth Fairy printables that would add a special touch to this milestone.

So, if your child is about to lose a tooth or you just want to be well-prepared for when that time comes, here are some fun Tooth Fairy Printables that I’ve created to make your Tooth Fairy experience more magical and fun for your kids too!

tooth fairy image

5 interesting facts about the Tooth Fairy origins

Once my daughter’s first tooth became loose, she started asking a lot of questions about the Tooth Fairy. This got me searching the ol’ Google, and I found some really interesting facts about the origins of this fantasy figure a la Wikipedia.

If your child is anything like my oldest, they have big imaginations and enjoy learning historical facts. For fun, here are 5 facts that you can share with your kiddo about the origins of the Tooth Fairy if they’re blossoming history buffs too:

  1. Scandinavian warriors (c. 1200) would wear amulets of children’s teeth because it was believed that they brought good luck in battle.
  1. In England, during the Middle Ages, it was thought that the act of burning a child’s teeth would protect them from misfortunes in the afterlife.
  1. Vikings bought children’s teeth.
  1. El Ratoncito Pérez is the Spanish and Hispanic American equivalent to the tooth fairy and Topolino is Italy’s equivalent – the first one a rat and the second a mouse.
  1. The modern American version of the tooth fairy originated in the early 1900’s and can be traced back to a newspaper article by Lillian Brown of the Chicago Daily Tribune in 1908.

Tooth fairy printables to print at home

free tooth fairy printables set

There are two fun printables included in this freebie: A Tooth Fairy Receipt and a Tooth Fairy Certificate! Take a closer look at each printable below!

Cute Tooth Fairy Receipt Printable

free tooth fairy receipt printable

So per our modern tradition, my mom found a shiny silver box, put her little front tooth in it, and placed it under my daughter’s pillow. To add a special touch, I quickly created a whimsical Tooth Fairy Receipt printable that I placed under her pillow. She absolutely loved it when she woke up!

I recommend you print this on cardstock. It’s thicker than plain printer paper. It will give your receipt a polished and more official feel. Like it’s straight from the desk of the Tooth Fairy 🪄.

You can easily personalize this printable too! Just add the details of your child including their name, age, the date, the condition their tooth is in, and how much money the Tooth Fairy left.

Did you know that in a 2022 US poll, the Tooth Fairy left an average of $5.36 per tooth? Crazy, right? The Tooth Fairy did leave a $5 bill for our daughter, but that’s only because it was her first tooth. I’m sure she’ll be leaving less as the rest fall out.

free tooth fairy certificate printable

Adorable Tooth Fairy Certificate

If you want to snap a great keepsake photo, I’ve also included an adorable Tooth Fairy Certificate Printable. Your child only loses their first tooth once, so why not throw a little bit more fun into the mix.

With the Tooth Fairy Certificate Printable, you can personalize it with your child’s name and the date the Tooth Fairy visited. Sometimes it’s the extra little things that add such special touches to these wonderful life events.

What to do with your child’s baby teeth?

Do you know what you’re going to do with your child’s baby teeth after they fall out? Assuming you don’t want to burn them like they did centuries ago, there are other options like tossing them out or keeping them.

My husband and I have decided to purchase one of these baby keepsake tooth boxes to store her teeth. It’ll keep them nicely organized and labeled. And it was only $10!

I came across this article that discusses a scientific study that was conducted in 2003. The study proved that baby teeth (also known as milk teeth) are a prime source for stem cells. Preserving our daughter’s teeth may provide her with some health benefits in the future. So why not? The baby tooth box is cute and I’ll store it in her keepsake bin.

girl holding a tooth keepsake box

Free tooth fairy printable PDF

This Tooth Fairy Printable comes in an easily downloadable PDF document format. To get your freebie, simply fill out the form below and your PDF will be delivered directly to your inbox (easy peasy!).

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Free tooth fairy receipt and tooth fairy certificate

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