Free St. Patrick’s Day Color Matching Busy Book Activity

St. Patrick's Day Color Matching Busy Book Page

Inside: St. Patrick’s Day Color Matching Activity

Add this adorable St. Patrick’s Day Color Matching Busy Book Activity to your busy book binder or learning folder. This is a great way to practice color names in a fun and interactive way. Your kindergartener, preschooler, or toddler will have a great time matching color names with their corresponding colorful clovers.

Download your St. Patrick’s Day Color Matching Busy Book Printable today!

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St. Patrick’s Day Color Matching Quiet Printables

St. Patrick's Day Color Matching Quiet Book Page

This quiet book activity focuses on learning color words and color recognition to match.

You can make learning colors more fun by using this super cute color words busy book printable that features a cute happy clover.

Materials Needed to use this busy book printable:

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St. Patrick's Day Color Matching Busy Book Page Freebie

There are a total of two printables for this activity. There are nine main colors that are used :

  • blue
  • orange
  • yellow
  • pink
  • purple
  • red
  • green
  • brown
  • black

How to Put Together a Quiet Book

  1. Print the PDF using a printer and color ink
  2. Place each page in a laminating sheet and laminate
  3. Cut out the various matching shapes
  4. Add velcro dots to the front of the laminated sheet (activity page)
  5. Add velcro dots to the back of the matching shapes

PRO TIP: To keep kids safe, use a paper corner punch to round the edges of the cutouts and avoid any sharp points.

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