Free Santa Beard Christmas Countdown Craft Printable

Santa Claus Cotton Ball Beard Countdown

free Christmas Santa Clause countdown printable

Do your kids love to countdown the days until Santa comes to visit? With December right around the corner, this free Santa Beard Christmas Countdown Craft is just the thing they’ll need to track the days until the big day!

This is a fun craft that increases fine motor skills and counting skills. Download this adorable freebie today!

Santa Beard Christmas Countdown

Free Santa countdown printable craft

This Santa Beard Christmas Countdown printable is similar to Advent calendar countdowns.

However, instead of finding chocolates or other tiny little toys, your child will glue cotton balls to fill out Santa’s great big bushy beard.

Your kids will have a daily countdown to Christmas all month long in December. They’ll be so excited the whole time!

This works as a fun at home art project or as a school activity.

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Santa Christmas Countdown Activity

This Santa Christmas Countdown activity is different that most that you’ll find on the web primarily because it’s in black and white.

And there’s a good reason for that! Along with gluing and counting, your kids will first enjoy coloring Santa in however they want Santa to look!

I think this is so important because it makes the activity more engaging, provides more of a creative spin on this craft project, and gives it a nice personal touch.

Putting Together the Santa Christmas Countdown Printable

To make the Santa Christmas Countdown craft, you’ll need a few supplies:

  • a copy of the free printable
  • glue (glue bottle works best)
  • cotton balls
  • coloring supplies (crayons, markers, or colored pencils)
free Christmas Santa countdown printable craft

After downloading and printing the free printable, your kid will enjoy coloring Santa. There’s no need to color his beard because that is where the cotton balls are going to be glued.

A good rule of thumb for coloring is if there are numbers in the space, it doesn’t need to be colored in. Everywhere else is fair game.

coloring in the free Christmas countdown printable

You’ll start your countdown on December 1st. Locate the number 24 on the printable (look at Santa’s hat), and place some glue on top of the number 24. Afterwards, press a cotton ball into the glue to secure.

Continue to glue a cotton ball on each day of the countdown to make Santa’s beard.

placing cotton balls on the free Christmas Santa Countdown Printable

On Christmas Eve, Santa will be ready to come visit your house and leave some goodies!

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