3 Free and Fun Road Trip Word Searches For Kids

Road trip word searches for kids

3 free road trip word searches


Is your kid into puzzles? If so, these free road trip word search printable puzzles are the perfect solution when you’re on the go! Make sure your child has something fun and educational to do in the car by grabbing this free road trip printable word search set today!

Recently on our way down to Florida, my oldest Lucia, was bored. Sound familiar? She needed something to do at our pitstop in North Carolina.

Luckily, I had created some word searches to keep her mind occupied that were fun and educational. Problem solved!

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Why are word searches great for kids?

free road trip-themed word searches

Fortunately, Lucia loves all types of puzzles as much as I do, like jigsaws, mazes, word searches, and escape rooms to name a few. We both love the challenge of figuring things out and really having to think.

Word searches have many wonderful educational benefits for kids. Here are my top three reasons of why I think they’re great:

  1. Word searches help with developing decoding skills. Decoding is an essential skill to becoming a proficient reader. It involves the understanding and application of letter-sound relationships to pronounce words accurately (reading).
  1. They are a great tool to introduce new vocabulary words and to review vocabulary as well. Since these word searches are road trip-themed, the words used revolve around this topic. This helps to expand your child’s vocabulary and knowledge about road trips, which can lead to great discussions and learning moments.
  1. They work great as a “filler” activity when there is downtime on your trip. For us they came in handy in our hotel room. However, they would be great while waiting for food at a restaurant or lulls on a long car ride.

5 More Road Trip Activities:

Road trip word search activities

three word search printables for kids

What’s better than one free word search? Three! There are three road trip word searches that will challenge your kid while you’re on the go!

Each worksheet is included as a PDF download that will print on a standard 8.5 x11″ sheet of printer paper. I highly recommend placing the word searches in sheet protectors and use dry erase markers. Dry erase markers conveniently wipe off of sheet protectors making it easy to reuse this activity over and over again!

These particular word searches were designed for kindergarteners on up. Some of the words are longer words and can be more challenging to decode (ex: rest stop, mountain). So there is a layer of difficulty to these puzzles.

However, they are very kid friendly. I created them using a large, easy-to-read bolded font, and the words are only placed horizontally (to be read from left to right) and vertically (to be read up to down).

That means there are no tricky word placements like words that run backwards, diagonally, or that have overlapping letters.

girl doing road trip word search

Each worksheet has a word bank featuring ten words for a total of thirty words altogether.

The first word search printable has the following words:

  • car
  • sign
  • truck
  • gas
  • dog
  • bus
  • van
  • food
  • rest stop
  • kids

The second word search worksheet features the following words:

  • cow
  • train
  • exit
  • lights
  • deer
  • boat
  • lake
  • hill
  • building
  • flag

The third and final word search activity has the following words:

  • river
  • tree
  • tunnel
  • stop
  • eat
  • go
  • cone
  • plane
  • mountain
  • mile

Free road trip word search printables PDF

These road trip word search activities come in an easily downloadable PDF document format. To get your freebie simply fill out the form below and your PDF will be delivered directly to your inbox (easy peasy!).

Remember that Smart Cookie Printables are for personal use only! For more information on use of our printables see our copyright policy here.

All activities to be done with adult supervision.

I hope these road trip word search worksheets add to your family fun and that your child enjoys these puzzles as much as I enjoyed making them!

Check back for more kid-friendly road trip activities!

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More engaging road trip activities

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3 Engaging road trip word searches for kids

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