Free and Fun Road Trip I Spy Activity: Travel Kids

Road trip I Spy printable

Road trip I spy game for kids


Ready to hit the road? Grab this fun and engaging travel kids I Spy activity for your child to enjoy on the long car ride!

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Fun I spy game for long car rides

Road trip I spy printable game

On a recent trip to Florida, this I Spy activity saved the day! I was tired of hearing Disney hits on repeat and I needed some “quiet” time.

Before going on this 10+ hour trip, I knew I needed to put together some activities for my oldest daughter to do so that she could stay busy for a while and I could save some of my sanity.

I created a bunch of road trip resources that I printed out, placed in sheet protectors, and organized in a 1″ binder, which I called her activity binder.

So I told her to get out her activity binder and work on this road trip I Spy activity.

Let’s just say I enjoyed a glorious break from, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” and “Let It Go.”

Road trip I Spy activity for kids

This road trip I Spy activity is not for the faint of heart. If your child is big into I Spy games, then they’ll love this. If it seems a bit overwhelming, try out our I Spy animal faces differentiated activities.

free travel-themed I spy printable

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This I Spy activity features cute travel clip art images with kids. Twelve different and diverse images to be exact. They are:

  • An airplane
  • A girl in a wheelchair with a camera taking pictures
  • A boy packing his suitcase
  • A girl packing her suitcase
  • A girl holding a globe
  • A boy holding a map
  • A suitcase
  • A boy standing with a camera taking pictures
  • A boy holding a suitcase
  • A girl holding a map
  • A girl holding onto a rolling suitcase
  • A girl holding her passport
Road trip I spy game for kids

Your child will have a fun time working on their visual discrimination skills and counting skills with this awesome I Spy freebie!

This is a simple, no-prep printable. No costly ink needed. Just print on standard size 8.5 x 11″ printer paper and hand it over to your kid. Watch them immediately begin to find images, color them in, and count them afterwards!

The only additional materials they’ll need are crayons, colored pencils, or markers. I found this amazing Crayola Art Case that is perfect for when you’re on the go! For $20 it has it all – crayons, colored pencils, markers, scissors, watercolor paints (and more!) in nicely organized compartments. Portability at its finest.

Road trip I spy travel kids printable PDF

This road trip I Spy activity comes in an easily downloadable PDF document format. To get your freebie simply fill out the form below and your PDF will be delivered directly to your inbox (easy peasy!).

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All activities to be done with adult supervision.

I hope your child enjoys this road trip I Spy activity as much as mine did!

Be prepared and grab the road trip activity bundle!

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Road trip I spy game for kids

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