Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Ten Frames

St. Patrick’s Day Ten Frame Clip Cards

Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Ten Frames

Inside: Fun free printable St. Patrick’s Day math clip cards 0-10

These free printable St. Patrick Day Ten Frame clip cards are a fun way to practice early learning math skills like counting, number recognition, and subitizing with your preschoolers and kindergarteners this March.

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Leprechaun Ten Frame Clip Cards

St. Patrick's Day Ten Frames

This fun St. Patrick’s Day activity features 11 ten frame clip cards with an adorable leprechaun image.

The clip cards cover numbers 0-10. Each ten frame holds a certain number of gold coins.

Kids will need to determine how many gold coins are in the ten frame and then mark the correct number by “clipping” that number with clothes pin, paper clip, sticker, or other tool.

This is a fun an engaging way to explore important early learning math skills.

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What is subitizing?

As mentioned, skills covered with this activity cover counting, number recognition and subitizing. Subitizing is the ability to “see” how many items there are in a grouping.

For example, when you roll a die and it lands on six dots, you know that the number is six without having to count each individual dot. The number six is seen as being made up of two groups of three and as “one six.”

Subitizing is an important skill because it is foundational in understanding numbers.

St. Patrick’s Day Ten Frames

This printable includes 11 ten frame clip cards. Clip cards are interactive and fun. They allow kids to “clip” an item to the correct answer.

Free St. Patrick's Day Ten Frame Clip Cards

To get the most out of these clip cards, I strongly recommend laminating them so that they are easily reusable. That way you can use stickers, dot markers, and other fun tools to attach to the clip cards. This makes the activity even more exciting for kids!

The following areas of learning are covered:

  • Number recognition (0-10)
  • Object counting
  • Subitizing

To make this activity even more fun and beneficial, ask your kids to count the same number of objects as pictured on the card using real coins or St. Patrick’s Day thematic objects.

This activity is perfect for classroom and homeschool use for math centers and work stations.

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