Free Printable I Spy Thanksgiving Turkeys

I Spy Thanksgiving Turkey Activity Printable

2 Free Thanksgiving turkey I spy printables

This free I Spy Thanksgiving Turkey Activity is great for fast finishers in the classroom, during a Thanksgiving Day party, or to complete at home while your waiting for the special day to come.

Kids from preschool to primary school will enjoy searching for all the different turkeys and counting them to see if they’ve found them all.

Observe how your kids practice their fine motor skills, visual discrimination skills, and counting skills while completing this free Thanksgiving I Spy activity. Download your copy today!

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Turkey I Spy Printable for Thanksgiving

free I spy printables thanksgiving turkey activities

It’s a time for family and friends to get together and share food and memories.

But, it’s also a great time to play games with our family members, or even try to beat our own records!

That’s where this Thanksgiving Turkey I Spy printable comes in – it’s perfect to complete with someone or to compete against someone to see who can find all the turkeys the fastest.

If you have a competitive family (like mine), it might be better to play together instead of against each other.

I Spy Turkeys Printables

The “I spy with my little eye…” game was originated in Victoria, England. Since then, the game has spread to all parts of the world and has taken print form as well. The first I spy game that was in print was in 1889.

These I spy printables that I created is a variation of the I spy games of old.

2 free turkey I spy printables for kids

In the versions I designed, there are 6 types of Thanksgiving turkeys, but you’ll have to look closely because they all look similar.

There are two versions of this game. In both, you’ll find the turkeys on the bottom of the page and count how many there are of each.

The difference is that one is in color and the other is for coloring according to the color code given.

Both printables are designed to print on 8.5 x 11″ printer paper.

For the color version, you could print it on cardstock and then laminate it to make it reusable instead of printing it on a one-time use paper.

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Free Thanksgiving Turkey I Spy Printable PDF

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