Free Printable Apple Preposition Worksheets

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Apple Preposition Exercises

free apple preposition worksheets

Are your kids learning about the different prepositions? If so, add these fun and free printable apple preposition worksheets to the mix this fall.

With these preposition exercises, kids in preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and beyond will learn six commonly used prepositions as they develop their visual discrimination, literacy, and fine motor skills.

Grab these apple preposition printables today!

Cut and Paste Apple Preposition Exercises

free fall preposition worksheets

Teaching prepositions can be a fun thing to do. When teaching prepositions, I recommend using objects that your kids are familiar with and excited about.

For example, my first grader is attached to a kitten stuffed animal and her unicorn wand. I would take these two objects and show the prepositions “above,” “below,” “behind,” and “beside.”

You could even make a game out of this by handing the objects over to your kid and “quizzing” them by calling out the prepositions and having them demonstrate the positions.

Then, use these apple preposition worksheets to practice with 2D objects.

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What are prepositions and why are they important to know?

happy worm inside an apple

In short, prepositions are a type of linking word which help express relationships between words. In a sentence, prepositions can do all sorts of things, like being the object or the verb.

It’s important for kids to understand prepositions so that they can become better communicators. For example, prepositions are important when it comes to following directions, “put your paper in the basket,” “the toys are beside the basket,” “the book is on the shelf above the desk.”

Preposition Printables

These apple themed preposition printables would be a great addition to a unit study on prepositions in the classroom or as extra practice at home. Kids can practice reading and developing their fine motor skills.

free apple themed preposition worksheet for preschool

There are two no-prep preposition worksheets in this set of free printables:

  • Apple Prepositions 1 – featuring a sweet worm and plump apple
  • Apple Prepositions 2 – featuring a wooden basket and ripe apple

Prepositions included in both worksheets are:

  • below
  • in
  • above
  • beside
  • between
  • behind
free apple preposition worksheet for kindergarten

You’ll need to help a pre-reader sound out words and that’s ok. Modeling reading with them is a great way to start their interest in reading.

Kids will look at each preposition word and then look at the picture options at the bottom of the worksheets. Once they find the picture that matches a preposition, they’ll cut out and glue that picture in it’s correct spot.

Using these worksheets is super simple. Simply download, print, and hand it over to your kids.

To make this activity even more interesting, pair it with a song! Here’s a catchy tune with cute images that will have your kids singing and signing, “in front of, behind, between.” The song was created by Maple Leaf Learning.

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