Free Printable Animal Alphabet Coloring Book

free ABC animal coloring booklet

Inside: Free animal alphabet coloring book for kids to learn their ABC’s!

Are you currently engaged in learning the ABC’s? Practice makes perfect! Your preschooler or kindergartener will adore this delightful animal ABC coloring book, especially if they have a fondness for animals! Best of all, it’s completely free!

This is a great activity to do with your kids to help them strengthen their letter recognition skills, letter sounds, visual discrimination skills, and vocabulary and language skills.

Download your animal ABC coloring book printable today!

Alphabet Coloring Pages

It has a simple and organized layout, making it easy to understand. Each page features an uppercase and lowercase letter, along with the name of an animal and its picture.

The book is designed to be predictable, allowing your kids to read it on their own confidently.

Additionally, this animal ABC coloring book is designed to be easily adapted for different learners. It offers various opportunities to customize the reading experience based on individual skill levels.

ABC Coloring Printable

This printable animal alphabet coloring book contains a total of 14 pages. It is designed to be printed on standard 8.5 x 11″ paper and features two letters per page for convenient and efficient learning.

free animal ABC coloring pages d-g

Every page of this alphabet coloring book includes an uppercase and lowercase letter for learning, a delightful animal picture to color, and the animal’s name. It’s a comprehensive and engaging way to reinforce letter recognition and phonics skills.

This animal ABC coloring book is meant to be an alphabet booklet that you can easily make for your students or for your kids at home.

free animal ABC coloring pages r-o

If you are using this at school, it would be useful for the following instances:

  • individual, small group, or large group activities
  • literacy centers or task boxes
  • classroom library or reading center
  • circle time activities
  • letter of the week activities
  • take home activity (more engaging than a worksheet).
free animal ABC coloring pages v-z

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Animal Alphabet Coloring Pages Free Printable PDF

This animal alphabet coloring book goes beyond teaching uppercase letters. Children will also have the opportunity to practice recognizing lowercase letters, further enhancing their letter recognition skills.

Materials Needed:


How to Make the Animal Alphabet Coloring Booklet

Assembling the Animal Alphabet Coloring Book is incredibly simple! You only need a pair of scissors and a stapler to complete it with ease.

To get started, print out the PDF for the Animal ABC Coloring book. Then, cut each 8.5 x 11″ paper in half. Make sure the pages are in the correct order and stack them neatly. Align the pages accurately and use a stapler to secure the sides together.

See the reference image below:

free animal ABC coloring pages how to put together

Free Animal Alphabet Coloring Reader PDF

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