Free Preschool Turkey Counting Mat Printable: Numbers 1-10

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Numbers 1-10 Turkey Counting Mat

free turkey counting mat 1-10

Get your kids counting from 1-10 this Thanksgiving season by using this free Turkey Counting Numbers 1-10 Counting Mat. Not only will they practice their counting skills, but they will also show the value of each number! Adding Holiday cheer is a great way to make learning more fun and interesting. Download today!

Preschool turkey counting mat

free turkey counting mat activity numbers 1-10

This is a math game that is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Count and cover mats are an engaging and versatile activity. They’re a great tool when you’re teaching your kids about number sense (understanding, connecting, and relating to numbers) and number recognition.

The Thanksgiving theme of this mat is perfect for this time of year.

Watch your little one enjoy counting turkey feathers as they complete this activity.

How to Use

When Lucia was younger, she loved to use count and cover mats. Now that she’s in first grade, she’s moved on to using a hundreds chart.

I love using count and cover mats because they “show” the relationship between a number and a tangible object. Making it a great way for kids to visualize and connect with numbers.

free Thanksgiving turkey 1-10 counting mat

For example, the number one is represented by one turkey feather. The number two is represented by two turkey feathers and so on.

This activity is designed to be printed on a standard 8.5 x 11″ sheet of printer paper. If you want to reuse this activity, you may want to print it on cardstock and then laminate it for extra durability.

There are two printable sheets that come with this resource: a turkey 1-10 counting mat and a sheet of turkey feathers.

Just like with the unicorn counting mats, you can use any small manipulative, like erasers or little playdough balls to do this activity.

But to make it more fun and on topic, I included turkey feathers that can be used instead. You’ll need 55 feathers for this activity. I’ve included 60.

Now, don’t worry – cutting out the turkey feathers is easy! I put them in squares so that it’ll take you no time at all to cut them out. Okay. Maybe about five minutes. But that’s still not too much prep, right?

paper trimmer and turkey feathers sheet
matching turkey feathers to the number on the counting mat

Once all the pieces are cut, your kid is ready to do the activity.

The point of this game is to have your kids learn the value of each number.

They’ll do this by looking at each square on the mat, counting out the same number of turkey feathers to that square on the mat, and then placing them on top of the number.

They’ll continue to fill spots on the mat until they’ve reached the number 10.

If you’re a teacher, this Thanksgiving turkey mat is perfect for math centers, math rotations, morning work, or even small group instruction.

If you’re a parent, this activity works well as an enrichment early learning math resource.

I hope you enjoy!

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