Free Numbers 1-20 Tracing Worksheets

Numbers 1-20 Tracing Printables

free number tracing worksheets (1-20)


These free Number Tracing 1-20 worksheets are perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners to practice writing numbers.

Along with alphabet tracing, number tracing is a great way to practice handwriting. It helps kids learn their numbers (in this case 1-20) and get ready for writing.

Download these number tracing practice worksheets today!

Number Tracing 1-20

free worksheets for numbers tracing (1-20)

These number tracing worksheets are also great for first graders to continue to practice writing their numbers.

I’ve noticed that my first grader, Lucia, was reversing some of her numbers when she was writing them.

This is very common for kids in earlier grades and is developmentally appropriate for kids under 7.It takes time for kids to learn correct directionality in numbers and letters.

So I created these worksheets to help her practice writing her numbers correctly.

Number Tracing Worksheets 1-20

If your kids are learning to write numbers, or need extra practice like mine, then these number tracing worksheets will come in handy!

This free PDF download is a set of four pages. The first page includes numbers 1-5, which is a great starting point for first time writers.

Starting with numbers 1-5 helps kids build their confidence with writing numbers. As their confidence grows, they can move on to numbers 6-10, and then continue to go up in numbers.

As there are fours pages in this printable set, the numbers are divided into groups of 5.

Free number tracing worksheets for preschool

Each number is first written with number guides and then in a dotted font for more tracing practice without guides. This helps kids learn the proper formation of numbers and then allows them to practice tracing them on their own.

The numbers print large in scale to make it easier for kids to practice tracing the numbers correctly as they fine tune their fine motor skills.

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How to Use These Number Tracing Worksheets

These worksheets are no prep, which means that you can just download instantly, print, and use right away.

However, since they are tracing worksheets, I highly recommend making them reusable by placing them in page protectors and using a washable or dry erase marker to trace.

girl's hand tracing numbers 1-3 with a marker

This ink will wipe off easily and the number work sheets can be used over and over. Your child can practice writing their numbers as much as they want, until they feel confident enough to do it themselves without help.

Free Tracing Numbers 1-20 Printables PDF

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Another Number Activity – Developing number sense with playdough

If your kid is ready to develop their number sense, I have a great activity that will help them do this with playdough by practicing numbers 0-10.

Playdough learning mats are fun, interactive, and creative way to practice essential early learning math and literacy skills!

playdough number mat (number 2)

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Free Numbers 1-20 Tracing Printables For Kids

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