Free Mystery Numbers Halloween Hundreds Chart Printable

Halloween hundreds chart worksheet

Halloween-themed hundreds chart activity


Practice filling in a hundreds chart the fun way by using this free Halloween Mystery Numbers Hundreds Chart activity! Perfect for first graders, this printable covers many essential early learning math skills. The Halloween theme makes this activity more exciting to work on and complete.

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Mystery numbers Halloween printable

Halloween mystery numbers 100s chart worksheet

You know what I love more than Halloween? Making Halloween activities! I have so much fun creating them that they might just outnumber the activities I have for other holidays.

So – surprise, surprise – here’s another free Halloween printable for you!

My daughter, who’s in first grade, is reviewing numbers 1-100. This inspired me to create a Halloween-themed number chart activity to make practicing numbers more enjoyable for kids.

And what better way than to mix numbers and Halloween elements!

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What is a hundreds chart?

A hundreds chart is a 10 x 10 grid that has the numbers 1-100 organized in a sequential order.

Hundreds charts read from left to right starting with the number 1 at the top left and ending with the number 100 in the bottom right corner.

When you go left to right, the numbers increase by 1 and when you go down each row the numbers increase by 10.

diagram of a hundreds chart

The purpose of a 100s chart

What’s the point of a hundreds chart? Well, hundreds charts are an essential learning tool in math. Here’s why.

Learning how to use a hundreds chart is a great way to improve your number sense skills. This means you’ll develop a better understanding of how numbers relate to each other.

Other benefits of using a 100s chart is that it strengthens other math skills like counting, number recognition, and sequencing.

But most importantly, it’s a tool that helps kids to see number patterns and use the chart as a reference when they’re learning to count in different ways (forwards, backwards, skip counting) and perform mathematical operations like adding and subtracting later on in their studies.

Halloween mystery numbers 100s chart activity

Halloween counting 100s chart printable

To add some Halloween flare, I created a mystery numbers Halloween hundreds chart that features six fun and festive Halloween images.

The Halloween images used are:

  • a spooked cat
  • a smiling jack-o’-lantern
  • a witches hat
  • witch legs with pointy shoes
  • a happy bat
  • a melting candle

The objective of this activity is to figure out the “mystery numbers.” The mystery numbers are spaces on the hundreds chart that have been replaced with a Halloween image.

Each image is used a total of three times so there are 18 mystery numbers in all that need to be identified and recorded.

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Halloween 100s chart mystery numbers worksheet

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