Learning the Letter G: 5 Fun and Free Worksheets to Get You Started!

Letter G practice worksheets for kids

free letter g worksheets for kids


Our letter G identification worksheets can help your kid recognize the letter G in a hands-on and engaging way. Learning letters can be a lot of fun and I’m sure they’ll do a “great” job completing these activities 😉.

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Identifying the letter G

free Letter g printables packet

The focus of this activity is to help your child be able to successfully recognize the letter G it it’s lower and uppercase form.

Additionally, one of the worksheets in this packet also covers correct letter formation.

This will help your child practice writing the upper and lowercase letter G correctly. Other benefits of these printables include developing fine motor skills and visual discrimination skills.

These letter G worksheets are part of our alphabet a-z letter recognition series. The activities provided in this series will have your child writing, cutting, pasting, and gluing their way to recognizing all of the letters of the alphabet!

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The A-Z Mega Bundle

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These no-prep worksheets are perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders. You can even use it as an intervention resource for children who need more practice. Combine these worksheets with other fun letter recognition activities to give your kid meaningful practice tasks to learn their letters.

A look at the letter G printable activities

As your child starts learning to recognize their letters you want to make sure they can get a lot of practice and repetition. That’s where these engaging letter G worksheets come into play! To help your child with letter identification (and many other learning tasks), you want to give them many opportunities to practice since research shows that repetition for young learners is extremely helpful when it comes to memory and language learning.

learning the letter G practice worksheets

This resource comes with 5 different letter identification worksheets. Just download, print, and go! Here’s what’s included:

free letter g letter identification worksheets

The first worksheet is all about identifying the upper and lowercase letter Gs. Your child will create a color code with one color representing the uppercase G and another color representing the lowercase G. The image for the letter G is grapes. In each group of grapes, your child will determine if the letter Gs are uppercase or lowercase and color them in based on their color code.

letter g color by letter task

The second worksheet focuses on letter formation and letter identification. You kid will practice how to write the upper and lowercase letter G correctly. They can practice tracing the guidelines provided and then writing them on their own on the space provided. The next task on this sheet is for your child to find and color all the letter G’s (in lower or uppercase form) in the grid provided. The letter G’s are mixed in with other letters of the alphabet.

letter g color by code activity

This worksheet is similar to the previous worksheet. However, the grid is larger and your child will create a color code of their choice to distinguish between the letter G and the other letters of the alphabet. This provides more practice, which is essential to learning a new skill.

letter g cut and paste activity for kids

The last two resources are cut and paste activities, which encourage the development of your child’s fine motor skills.

One worksheet helps your little one strengthen their visual discrimination skills by having to sort upper and lowercase G’s in different printed and published styles.

The other worksheet has your child sorting the letters given into three categories: uppercase letter G, lowercase letter g, and other.

Free letter G recognition worksheets PDF

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Letter G practice worksheets

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