Free I Spy Zoo Animals Printables (3 Versions)

Summer calls for exciting trips to the nearby zoo. Get kids pumped for their zoo visits by bringing a taste of the animal kingdom home with our free I Spy Zoo Animals Printables!

These printables are perfect for kids of all ages, from preschoolers and beyond. I’ve created three different versions to match different ability levels, making sure everyone gets in on the fun.

Whether in the classroom, at home, or en route to the zoo, keep the kids entertained with this engaging educational game activity.

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Free Zoo Animals I Spy Activities

Just like our other I spy printables, these zoo animals I spy activities are fantastic resources for enhancing kids’ visual discrimination, fine motor, and counting skills.

Each version of this zoo-themed I Spy game activity varies in difficulty level, from easiest to most challenging.

I love having different options so that both my girls can jump into the activities I make. When my three-year-old and eight-year-old can both get involved in similar activities, it boosts their confidence and challenges them appropriately.

intermediate printout of the zoo animal I spy printable freebie

What’s Included In Our I Spy Zoo Animal Printable

There are three I Spy zoo animal activities included in this printable that feature six zoo animals: a penguin, a parrot, a fox, a lion, an alligator, and a gorilla.

This free zoo animals I Spy activities printable includes the following pages in PDF format:

  • A beginner zoo animal I Spy activity: features four zoo animals and involves counting up to four objects.
  • An intermediate zoo animal I spy activity with a graphing supplement page: features six zoo animals and involves counting up to six.
  • An advanced zoo animal I spy activity: features six zoo animals and involves counting up to thirteen.
kid's hand coloring the gorilla in a zoo animal I spy printable

How To Use These Zoo Animal I Spy Printables

This is a no-prep activity. Just choose the version that fits your kids’ needs best, download, print, and you’re good to go!

The beginner version is perfect for kids that are just beginning to practice their visual discrimination skills. This activity is a great way for your little ones to identify and match images correctly.

a kid's hand coloring the graphing printout for the intermediate version of the zoo animal I spy activity

This version was perfect for my youngest, Izzy. At three years old, she did a fantastic job spotting similar animals but still needed a bit of help with the math part of this activity, like counting, recognizing numbers, and 1:1 correspondence (pairing each object counted with a number word).

Quick Note: Izzy wanted to be a “big girl” like her sister and had fun coloring and circling. I would not have Izzy do this as “work,” or force her to complete a worksheet. She was very curious to explore this I spy activity and had fun doing it.

a printout of the beginner version of the zoo animal I spy free printable

The intermediate edition of this zoo animal I Spy game printable steps up the challenge with a graphing activity. It’s ideal for kids who can confidently count up to six and grasp the basics of tallying, understanding concepts like least and most.

The advanced edition of this zoo animal I Spy game printable is perfect for kids to spot smaller zoo animals and practice counting them.

Pick the version that suits your child’s needs best and start!

kid's hand coloring a kangaroo blue in an I Spy printable

Supplies Needed To Use These Zoo Animal I Spy Printables

The only supplies needed for these Zoo Animal I Spy printables are crayons, markers, or colored pencils, and this zoo animal I Spy printable.

kid circling the number 1 on a zoo animals I Spy printable

Have Fun With These Free Zoo Animal I Spy Activities

Your kids are going to love these zoo animal I Spy activities! Both of my girls were eager for more I Spy fun! It was great observing my oldest complete the intermediate and more advanced versions independently, and it was so much fun helping my little one count and seeing her smile when she found the animal matches.

Grab your Zoo Animal I Spy Printables here.

And grab a free zoo-themed learning packet to keep the fun rolling!

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Download Your Zoo Animal I Spy Activities Printable Here

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All activities to be done with adult supervision.

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I hope you enjoy these I Spy activities! For even more fun activities, explore our wide range of preschool and kindergarten printables!

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