Free Hanukkah Memory Matching Game For Kids

Fun Memory Matching Game for Hanukkah

Free Hanukkah memory game


If you’re looking for a fun Hanukkah themed learning game to play with your kids, you’ll love this free Hanukkah Memory Matching Game Activity. It helps children improve their visual discrimination and critical thinking skills.

Spend some quality time with your preschoolerkindergartener, or first grader by playing this game this holiday season. Get your copy of this Hanukkah matching game today!

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Hanukkah matching game printable

Free Hanukkah memory game

Playing memory games with your loved ones is a great way to spend bonding time, regardless of the age gap. Many kids genuinely enjoy playing them!

And while memory games can be played any time of the year, adding a celebratory holiday theme can make the game even more fun and special.

Plus, one of the many benefits of playing memory games is that they can improve your memory and make sure it stays in tip-top shape.

Hanukkah memory activity

As we all know, it’s hard for young kids to focus, so playing memory games can really help. The game involves developing their concentration skills and building up the capacity for critical thinking.

Free Hanukkah memory game printable

There’s a wide range of memory games to choose from and this one is based on the Jewish festival, Hanukkah.

This printable has a total of twelve beautiful Hanukkah themed pictures. They range from a lit menorah, a flying dove, which represents the symbol of love, and the traditional blue Star of David.

Even if you don’t practice Judaism, it’s wonderful to expose children to different customs so that they can celebrate their differences. They’ll be able to better understand what it means when people come from different backgrounds.

Here’s a great kid-friendly video by Homer that you can share with your child for them to learn the story behind Hanukkah.

How to prep the Hanukkah memory matching game

You’ll want to download and print this game on cardstock. Card stock is thick enough so you won’t see the images through the paper. It’s also more durable than regular printer paper so you can play the game many times over with it.

To add even more durability to this matching game, you can laminate the memory cards.

After downloading, printing, and cutting the gamecard pieces, you’ll want to turn all the cards face down and put them in an equal number of rows and columns. Since there are 24 gamecards in this Hanukkah memory matching game, you’ll arrange them in a 6 x 4 grid.

Then your ready to play the game.

Free printable Hanukkah matching game PDF

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Free Hanukkah Matching Game For Kids

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