Free Halloween Trick Or Treat Q-Tip Pumpkin Painting Craft Printable For Kids

Free Halloween Q-Tip Painting Activity

Free Q-tip Trick or Treat art activity for kids

The Halloween season is the time for fun and spooky art projects. Have your kids show off their artistic skills by painting this free Halloween Q-Tip Trick or Treat Painting Printable that features a cute and smiling Jack-o’-lantern. Get this fun art printable today!

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Q-Tip Pumpkin Painting Art Printable

Free Halloween Q-tip painting art activity

I’m a big fan of Q-tip painting projects because they are easy for kids to do and are perfect for practicing fine motor skills and creative expression.

It’s also a fun craft to do with your kids!

When Lucia and I painted the Christmas ornaments Q-tip painting printable she had so much fun.

She was so interested in mixing colors and coming up with different color variations.

She was in what’s called a “state of flow.” Where she was purely in the moment, focused, and imaginative. It was awesome!

Q-Tip Painting Halloween Printable

This Halloween art project features the phrase, “trick or treat,” in fun fonts that add to the appeal of this fun art project along with a two-toothed smiling jack-o’-lantern treat bucket.

Free Q-tip painting Jack-o'-lantern printable

Like all of our printables, it’s designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11″ paper. I recommend using cardstock for these art activities because it’s more durable and has a nice surface texture to paint on.

Prepping for this activity is easy and straightforward.

All you need it this printable, some Q-tips, and washable paint.

If it’s the first time your kids are Q-tip painting, make sure you model how it’s done: dip a Q-tip into a paint color of your choice and then dab the Q-tip onto the circles on the image.

Your kids will continue to dab until all the circles have been painted.

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