Free Halloween Cut and Paste Printables: Fun Spooky Patterns!

Halloween working with AB patterns worksheets

free AB Halloween pattern printables


Have a spooktacular time with these Halloween Cut and Paste Worksheets while practicing patterns! Your kid will get to identify and complete patterns in a fun and engaging way with these Halloween-themed printables.

Today’s Halloween freebie is all about patterns! AB patterns that is. What are AB patterns? Let me explain.

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Halloween pattern worksheets

Halloween-themed AB pattern printables for kids

Patterns are everywhere! Just look around. Is there a pattern on your shirt? Maybe on your child’s favorite blanket? How about on all the decorative couch cushions that your husband is annoyed with (oh wait, is that just me?)?

Regardless, patterns help children learn about the world and make sense of their surroundings. And patterns can be introduced to preschoolers in a bunch of different ways. So what better way to learn patterns than with wacky spiders, creepy candy, and happy ghosts? Not to worry – all of the images are kid-friendly and super cute 😉.

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Why are patterns an important early learning skill?

Patterns are an important early math skill to learn. They help kids reason by recognizing what will happen next based on what happens before. And once your kid starts identifying patterns, they’ll start to point them out all the time. That’s what happened when my oldest, Lucia, began to learn about patterns. Everything was, “Look Mommy, that’s a pattern!” She started noticing patterns with colors and shapes first and then it grew from there.

AB pattern diagram

But what exactly is a pattern?

A pattern is a repeating design, so it has to be repeated at least two times to be called a pattern. The most basic pattern is called an AB pattern. It only has two different variables.

For example, if we’re creating a color with shapes, we need two shapes like a square and circle. So our pattern would be: square, circle, square circle. What comes next? That’s what your child will learn. This helps develop their logic and reasoning skills. These free Halloween cut and Paste worksheets feature the AB pattern.

How to prep and use the Halloween cut and paste activities

free AB pattern Halloween printables

This freebie includes two worksheets. Each worksheet features an AB pattern that your kid will complete. There are five patterns per sheet for a total of ten spooky AB patterns altogether.

Every pattern features its own unique set of images. Since this is a Halloween-themed activity, images used are of different candies, costumes, and witchy things. Super adorable.

As a cut and paste activity, your child will look at each pattern and then decide what image comes next. They will paste their answer into the last box to complete the pattern.

All of my Halloween cut and paste activities are meant to help your child with their fine motor skills while also focusing on an academic skill. So these worksheets are a great way for your child to learn math and strengthen their hand muscles at the same time!

These worksheets are no-prep. That means that you just download, print, and use. Regular printer paper will do, no lamination or cutting on your part is required, and no costly ink needs to be used.

You’ll need a few school supplies to complete these worksheets: kid scissors, glue, and some coloring supplies (if your kid wants to color in the worksheets when their done).

Creating and extending patterns for preschoolers

After you’ve given your child a chance to practice the AB pattern or before (your choice!), have fun creating patterns using things around the house!

Here are some easy and fun ways to do this:

  • If you have Halloween candy (from last year, right?), take out some M&M’s and Twix and create an AB pattern with those.
  • No Halloween candy? No problem! Gather things that are two different shapes (circle and square – like Cheez-its and Cheerios).
  • You can also make a pattern based on colors. Focus on finding things that are black and red, or yellow and orange, or blue and pink (you get the idea) and create a pattern that way.
  • Use Lego, beads, stickers, or any other craft supplies that you have on hand!
girl creating an AB pattern with candy

The options are limitless because patterns are everywhere and they’re easy to make! If your child is up to it, start creating more complex patterns, like an ABA pattern (which has three variables), or an AABB pattern (circle, circle, square, square…).

Free cut and paste Halloween printables PDF

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All activities to be done with adult supervision.

Halloween is such a great time to have fun with your kids. I hope your kid enjoys these pattern activities as much as I enjoyed making them!

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Free Halloween AB Pattern worksheets

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