2 Free and Fun Halloween Number Matching Mystery Puzzle Activities For Preschoolers

Halloween matching mystery puzzle printables

These Halloween Number Matching Mystery Puzzles are a perfect way to get your preschooler excited about the spooky season (and practice math)! They’ll have fun strengthening their fine motor skills and early learning math skills while solving the puzzles. What will the mystery images be? Download now to find out!

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Halloween mystery puzzles for preschoolers

Halloween math mystery puzzle activity

Halloween is a especially fun time of year here at the Hughes household. It’s a great time to make Halloween crafts and try fun Halloween activities.

There’s always pumpkin carving involved, and I love this tradition! My husband has been carving pumpkins with Lucia since she was a little girl. And now Izzy, our youngest, will get to enjoy this fun activity too!

And when Izzy’s a little bit older, I’ll have her try these hands-on Halloween number matching mystery puzzles too!

Lucia’s tried them and loves them, but I’m in the process of creating more challenging math puzzles for her. I’ll make sure to share them with you once I’m done 😉!

Overall, these Halloween mystery puzzles are engaging math activities for helping children work on their number sense in a fun way during the Halloween season.

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The importance of matching activities for preschoolers

Free Halloween Math Mystery Puzzle Worksheet.

Matching is an essential early learning math skill for children to master because it’s the ability to identify differences and similarities in objects.

When you think about it, matching objects is just another way of sorting them. Moreover, Matching pictures helps with many different skills in the future such as sorting objects, recognizing patterns, and understanding numbers.

The goal of matching pictures is to put the same picture together. This includes putting two of the same picture together or putting a picture with another object that matches it.

With these Halloween number matching mystery puzzles, your child will match numbers from 1-6 together. Once they complete the task, it will reveal a mystery image. How cool is that?

How to complete the Halloween number matching worksheets

Two Halloween mystery puzzles for kids

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The free Halloween Number Matching Mystery Puzzles are a set of two math puzzles. Each puzzle is focuses on matching numbers 1-6.

The goal of this Halloween number matching pictures mystery puzzle is to put the same numbers together to reveal a mystery Halloween-themed image.

At the bottom of each mystery puzzle activity sheet, there is a group of images that are out of order. There are six images total, hence working on recognizing numbers 1-6. Each image is accompanied by a number from 1-6.

To solve the mystery puzzle, your child will cut the images and match the numbers to the template at the top of the page. So the picture with the number one will be glued to the space with the number one on it on the template.

After they have glued all the pieces, the Halloween mystery picture will be revealed and they can color it in!

free Halloween mystery picture puzzle

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These are no-prep worksheets. Just download the PDF file, print out the activities on regular 8.5 x 11″ computer paper, and hand them over to your kid. The only additional materials they’ll need to complete these activities are kid scissors, glue, and some coloring supplies.

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Free cut and paste Halloween number matching mystery puzzles PDF

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All activities to be done with adult supervision.

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