3 Free Spooky Halloween Ghosts I spy Printables For Kids

Halloween I Spy activities

3 free I Spy Halloween ghosts activities

Halloween probably brings the most excitement out of kids during the year. These no-prep free Halloween Ghosts I Spy Activities are just the treat your kids need during the spooky season. Perfect for preschoolers and up, these Halloween I spy games will keep your kid entertained, happy, and searching for a number of friendly ghosts! Download them for free today!

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What are I Spy activities?

I spy Halloween printables

I Spy worksheets let kids look for a selection of different items on the page. You can think of it as a Where’s Waldo-style activity, but instead of looking for just one Waldo, you’ll be looking for multiple elements and a certain number of those elements.

In this case, kids will search for a number of different adorable ghost faces.

I think this is a great challenge, because all the ghosts are shaped the same and they only differ in that they display different emotions.

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Cute ghost faces I Spy game worksheets for Halloween fun

The objective of the I Spy games stays the same, but there is a mix of what information is provided with each printable. This allows for easy differentiation – providing different levels of support and challenge for kids.

As a special educator, I spent a lot of time coming up with lessons and activities that challenged all of my students and made sure could all participate and learn.

Nowadays I follow the same process and make my printables user-friendly and easy to differentiate. I have a lot of printables that I offer in different versions so kids can choose which activities they want to do.

Some kids might prefer to start on a I Spy puzzle that offers more support and then move up in difficulty level. This resource has three different versions. They range from more easy-peasy to quite challenging, but they are all fun because the elements are engaging and the theme is Halloween after all.

The many benefits of Halloween I Spy game activities

It’s always great when you can pair learning with a fun holiday theme like Halloween. And I spy activities pack a punch when it comes to providing educational benefits.

3 Halloween I Spy ghosts worksheets

For starters they strengthen working memory skills, which helps the brain perform cognitive tasks. They also improves visual discrimination skills by working to classify the elements on the page.

And lastly they give kids extra practice with essential early learning math skills like counting and number recognition.

I like to point out that every child learns differently. The suggestions below are just that – suggestions. Pick the I Spy version(s) that best suit your kids and let them work their way up in difficulty level.

Preschool I Spy Halloween worksheet

Our I Spy ghosts Halloween worksheets feature cute ghosts that have different facial expressions. From sad to happy and sleepy to surprised.

This version is great for preschoolers. There are six different ghosts to find, each with a certain number. Although all the ghosts are the same size, their facial characteristics are different. The challenge here is determining which faces are the same and which are different.

Halloween ghosts I spy activity

I Spy Halloween ghosts for kindergarteners

The next two worksheets have an added challenge of not being given the numbers of how many of each ghost there is.

This version is relatively similar to the first, however these ghosts have different facial expressions, a color code is provided, and the quantity of each of the six ghosts is not given.

Halloween ghosts I spy worksheet

I Spy Halloween ghosts for first graders

This last version is the “ultimate” challenge. It features twelve different ghosts that are smaller in size and includes a color code but does not give the quantity of each ghost.

Halloween ghosts I spy game

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