Free Halloween Adding Up To 10 Math Printable

Free Halloween adding up to 10 worksheet

Halloween adding up to 10 printable for kids


Fall is a great time to get kindergarteners and first graders to work on their math skills. This free Halloween adding up to 10 activity has kids interact with math in a fun way! Download today!

This Halloween-themed worksheet will provide kids with an engaging way to practice math fact fluency up to 10!

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What is math fact fluency?

Halloween adding up to 10 worksheet

Math fact fluency is when a child is able to perform various math operations like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing automatically by quickly recalling the answers.

It’s important for younger students to develop a strong foundation with fact fluency so that they can be successful with more advanced math concepts later on.

Having a good understanding of addition math facts up to 10 is a common learning goal in kindergarten and first grade. This free worksheet covers this particular skill.

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Adding numbers from 0-10 worksheet

This is a no-prep worksheet. Simply download, print, and use! It is designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11″ printer paper.

When you’re ready to use this printable, add an extra bit of fun by setting the stage: A witch is making a deliciously smelly stew made of spiderwebs and goo. Once the last bubble is pasted, the stew is ready to be tasted!

Halloween adding up to 10 activity

Kids will practice adding numbers within 10 to place last bubble in the cauldron.

To do this they’ll cut the number bubbles at the bottom of the worksheet and glue the number bubble to its matching cauldron.

There are a total of twelve addition problems to solve.

This Halloween math activity is a good way to add novelty to a skill that will be repeatedly practiced throughout the year.

If you’re wondering why this activity is called Witch’s Brew Too, it’s because there’s another math worksheet that pairs well with this one.

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Free Printable Halloween Adding Up To 10 Activity

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