Free Gingerbread Man I Spy Printable

Gingerbread Man I Spy Activity

free gingerbread I spy printable


With Christmas just around the corner, this free Gingerbread Man I Spy Printable is a great activity to work on during the month of December.

Kindergartners and first graders will have fun practicing their visual discrimination and math skills with this winter-themed I spy activity. These no-prep printable kindergarten worksheets are perfect for counting 1-10, tallying, comparing numbers, and graphing.

Download these fun gingerbread man I spy worksheets today!

Gingerbread Man I Spy

Whether you’re using this I spy printable in the classroom or at home, your kids are going to enjoy practicing math with this cute gingerbread man theme I spy activity.

This is a fun activity to pair with movement; specifically yoga! Why? Because the gingerbread man that’s in the I Spy printable is doing six different yoga poses.

How adorable is that?

Before beginning this activity, you can practice some of the yoga poses with your kids!

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Gingerbread Man I Spy Printable

If you really want to add some structure and context to this activity, there’s a great gingerbread man yoga music video by Bari Koral that follows the gingerbread man fairy tale story.

This free printable consists of two pages designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11″ printer paper.

The first page is the I spy activity. This is the page where kids will look at the color code at the bottom of the page to find and color the different gingerbread man yoga poses.

Once kids color the images based on the color code, they will then find out how many of each pose there are. They will use their counting 1-10 skills to do this. Afterwards they’ll practice writing the number in the box provided.

free gingerbread man I spy coloring printable

Next, kids will use the first page to complete the second page. This is where they will record their data via tally marks, graphing, and comparing which pose is featured most and which pose is featured least.

free gingerbread I spy graphing activity

Kids will also really need to focus and pay attention to details to be able to find and differentiate the different yoga poses as they complete this activity and come up with the correct count for each pose.

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Free Gingerbread Man I Spy Math Worksheets For Kids

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