6 Free Printable First Grade St. Patrick’s Day Worksheets

Free First Grade St. Patrick’s Day Worksheets

Free St. Patrick's Day printables for first grade


Inside: Fun free printable St. Patrick’s Day math and literacy activities

This free St. Patrick’s Day printable worksheet packet is a great bundle for your first graders to work on during the month of March.

First graders will have fun practicing their math, reading, and writing skills and more with these St. Patrick’s Day-inspired activities. These no-prep worksheets are perfect for practicing with numbers 1-100, addition and subtraction (within 20), possessives and plural nouns, correct sentence structure, and writing detailed sentences.

Download these first grade worksheets today!

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Free St. Patrick’s Day Activities for First Graders

This fun St. Patrick’s Day bundle includes 6 pages of fun math and literacy activities.

For math, kids will practice their addition and subtraction skills, and completing a 100s chart.

For literacy, kids will distinguish plural nouns vs possessive nouns, unscramble mixed-up sentences, and practice their writing skills.

This mini bundle has a ton of fun educational activities, all of which are St. Patrick’s day themed.

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Free St. Patrick’s Day First Grade Printables

As mentioned, there are six printable worksheets for you to use in this bundle. The best part is that you can download and print them immediately with no preparation needed!

The areas of learning covered in these worksheets are:

  • Numbers 1-100
  • Addition and subtraction within 20
  • Plural and possessive nouns
  • Correct sentence structure and punctuation (unscrambling sentences)
  • Creative writing with picture prompts

In a classroom setting, this mini bundle would work well as a part of your literacy and math centers or small groups, as independent work, as extra practice, or as an intervention resource.

For home use, this mini bundle will give your kids extra practice and enrichment in the above learning areas.

In addition to learning, kids will also practice their fine motor skills.

Free St. Patrick’s Day Worksheets Bundle for First Grade

The first worksheet is a Lucky 100s Chart worksheet. Kids will fill in the missing numbers to reach 100. They can then use this 100s chart for support for the other math tasks if needed.

The second worksheet is a True or False? printable. Kids will cut out the number sentences provided, read them, and glue them in the correct pot of gold – true or false.

The third worksheet is a Lucky Leprechaun activity. Kids will roll 3 dice, and then add them up to color the picture.

The fourth worksheet is Plural or Possessive Nouns? For this activity, kids will read each word or phrase and then cut, sort, and paste them into the correct column.

The fifth worksheet is called Scrambled Sentences. For this activity, kids will read the words given for each sentence. Then they will arrange them to create a complete (and correct) sentence.

The last printable activity in this St. Patrick’s Day bundle is called Lucky Sentences. Kids will write a detailed sentence (or two) about a picture. Then they’ll color the picture.

All of these worksheets are available for instant download by clicking on the pink link below. These activities are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11″ printer paper.

Free First Grade St. Patrick’s Day Printables PDF

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All activities to be done with adult supervision.

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Free St. Patrick’s Day First Grade Worksheets

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