Free Fall Addition Up To Ten Color By Code Printable For Kids

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Fall addition coloring printable for kids

free fall-themed addition to 10 coloring printable

Let’s get your kids engaged and learning their addition math facts by using this free Fall Color by Code worksheet. Perfect as an advanced kindergarten worksheet and first grade worksheet, this activity will have them solving addition equations and coloring spaces to reveal the hidden image. Download this fun math activity today.

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Fun fall addition color by code activity

Free fall color by code addition worksheet

A big part of the math expectations for first grade focus on fact fluency. Most first grade programs have the expectation for students to master all facts to 10 by the end of first grade.

This is why you’ll find that a lot of resources for kindergarten through second grade revolve around practicing math fact fluency.

In order to master fact fluency to 10, a lot of practice and exposure is needed. So it’s important to mix up math activities for kids so that it doesn’t become overly dull, boring, or frustrating.

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Fun fall addition up to 10 color by code worksheet

Since it’s autumn, I figured adding a nice fall color by code activity would be perfect. My daughter loves coloring. If there is any coloring involved in a task, she’s more inclined to do it.

This color by code activity features a “mystery picture” that when colored in reveals a cute pumpkin scene.

The purpose of this activity is to have kids solve basic addition math facts. There are a variety of addition equations that add up to the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10.

Some of the equations are made so that they come with images of counting fingers. So kids must first figure out the number that is represented by the counting fingers and then solve the equation.

Free Addition Up to 10 Coloring Activity

This really gets kids thinking by showing them two different ways to represent a number.

This activity has over 35 equations to help students master the basic addition facts up to 10.

This activity is perfect for additional practice at home, as a review or intervention resource, part of a math station, or for students that finish their work early.

Free addition up to ten fall color by code activity for kids

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