FREE Early Learning 0-10 Number Sense Play Dough Activity Mat Printable

Free learning numbers 0-10 playdough mat printable

free number playdough mats 0-10


This free play dough mat activity printable is great for early learners to develop their number sense while having fun with playdough at the same time! Simply download, print, and pat yourself on the back as your child enjoys this activity for a while.

Playdough mats are a fun and creative way to practice fine motor skills. Pair that with number sense, and you have a simple, yet super engaging learning activity for your little one! Be sure to check back soon for more free playdough printables that are coming to the blog.

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free playdough 0-10 number counting mats

What is number sense?

Number sense is foundational to your child’s math development. Put in simple terms, it’s the ability to relate, connect, and understand numbers.

To get a strong grasp of math, your child needs to be able to identify numbers. This activity encourages children to do this from repetition and established patterns.

This activity will help kids practice recognizing numbers and reinforce their number sense skills by molding number names with playdough and creating “apples” (playdough balls) to represent a number.

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Printable essentials for playdough mat activities

Having certain supplies on hand will help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to downloading and using play dough mat printables.


A laminator or sheet protectors are great for providing a non-stick surface for the play dough. I use this Scotch Thermal Laminator. It’s affordable and works well.

You can also use page protectors. It’s less hassle than laminating and it’s easy to organize into a binder. Both materials provide a great surface for playing with dough and writing with dry-erase markers.

If you don’t have play dough readily available, use page protectors or laminate each sheet and use dry erase markers to trace each number and add the apples to the tree.

Playdough numbers 0-10 mats

free 0-10 number playdough mats

This activity is easy to print and requires little prep. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Download and print this printable freebie. Visit our FAQs page if you need help with printing.
  1. Laminate or place each sheet in a page protector. If you’re using page protectors, you can place two sheets per page protector (backsides facing each other) or change sheets as your child completes each number mat.
  1. Get out your playdough! Any kind will do – store bought or homemade. I like using the playdough party packs because they’re easy to store and carry.
  1. Have fun! Let your child create each number with play dough and then put the matching number of apples (small play dough balls) on the tree.
  1. Add a fun, educational music video to the mix! One of my daughter’s favorite music channels on YouTube is Jack Hartmann’s. Bonus – it gets your kid up and moving 💪!

Playdough mat printable PDF

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Free numbers 0-10 playdough mats

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