Free Ballerina Printables for a DIY Ballet-Themed Birthday Party

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DIY Ballet birthday party decorations to print at home

free ballet party printables

Are you looking for charming, DIY ballerina party printables for a ballet-themed party? Look no further! I’m so excited to share a very fantastique (as Fancy Nancy would say) free ballet party printables set. This mini printable party set includes adorable treat bag toppers, a “Happy Birthday!” banner, and sweet cupcake toppers! 

Our free mini ballerina party printables set will add the perfect touch to your little prima ballerina’s gathering by adding just the right amount of whimsy and playfulness.

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Ballet party printables

free ballet party print at home set

At the moment, my six year old is ready to plie her way to learning some ballet positions and steps. We signed her up for some lessons this summer and she is over the moon excited!

My mother-in-law and I found a great ballerina outfit on Amazon for about $50 (ballet dress, tights, and shoes).

Getting her ready for her first ballet lesson inspired me to create a ballet mini birthday party printables set. How cute would it be to have a playful ballerina birthday party? And one that is unisex and celebrates all shapes and sizes on top of that?

Ballerina party printables set

free ballet party DIY printables

When I was creating these ballet themed birthday party printables I wanted something that was magical, imaginative, and perfect for all the little boys and girls who get a twirl out of ballet!

It’s interesting that a majority of ballerinas are female (78%), but the 22%, which are male and who are out there doing their thing as danseurs and principal dancers have always been just as important to this art form.

Fun fact, it’s how the current Spider-Man, aka Tom Holland, started his career as Billy Elliot at the West End in London.

Many ballet themed party decorations consist of female ballerinas only, but I wanted mine to speak to all the kiddos that get a battement out of ballet.

Free ballerina party favor bag topper printables

free ballerina favor bag topper printables

These ballerina party favor bags are the cutest! They feature a simple, modern aesthetic. There are a total of four different designs to add some variety for your little guests.

There is a floral design with a dancing giraffe, a floral design by itself, a design with a sleepy sloth, and lastly a design with a gentle lion. These party treat bag printables measure 4” across. And 4″ X 2” when folded in half. All the bag toppers print on one page.

These party favor treat bags would fit these bag toppers perfectly! You can fill up the treat bags with cookies, Hershey’s® kisses, or assorted candies.

Or, if you want to include a non candy party favor, these cute animal erasers will do the trick or these fun Kawaii squishies are sure to be a hit. I’m not sure why kids like them so much, but they do! Case in point, here’s a quote from our target audience:

”They are squishy and sometimes some of them can stretch, and they feel really squishy, and they’re nice, and they have cute faces, and cute bodies.”

Lucia Hughes, 6 years, 5 months, aka my daughter, the ultimate authority on Kawaii squishies 😆.

Free ballerina birthday banner printable

free happy birthday banner printable

The free printable birthday banner will add just the right amount of charm to your ballet themed birthday party décor. Simple and delightful, two banner sections print per page. Each banner piece measures 5″ X 7” and comes in a classic dovetail design.

There are two floral pieces. One to place at the beginning of the banner and one to place at the end. Or you can print this page out twice (you’ll have four floral banner pieces). You can then place one at the beginning and end of each word – “happy” and “birthday.”

I find it easy to hang banners using monofilament, aka fishing line. I like the fact that it’s super strong, clear, and perfect for hanging several types and weights of party decorations.

Since the banner is pretty lightweight, you can also hang it with twine. To hold up the banner you can use sparkly washi tape. It will add a special twinkling touch to your party décor.

Free ballerina cupcake topper printables

free ballerina cupcake topper printables on cupcakes

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Lastly, I created some lovely cupcake toppers! I’ve included four different cupcake topper designs! There are more whimsical animal ballerinas: a fox, hippopotamus, panda, elephant, and a polar bear.

There’s a confection pattern featuring yummy cupcakes and cake pops. And lastly, there are two other designs. One says, “tutu cute” with a golden crown, and the other  says “just dance” with a pair of ballet slippers.

Altogether there are 20 cupcake toppers that can be printed per page. Each cupcake topper measures 2” and is circular in shape. Adding these cupcake toppers to your birthday cupcakes is easy!

To assemble, simply print out a sheet of cupcake toppers. Punch each circle out with your circular paper punch. Then, attach it to a lollipop stick with a piece of sparkly washi tape. Voilà! You now have the cutest ballerina cupcake toppers!

Alternatively, you can use a mini hot glue gun to attach the popsicle stick to the paper cupcake topper. I personally think the washi tape adds a fun, decorative touch though. But you can also buy glitter glue sticks, which can add a fun touch as well!

Want to Make Your Cupcake Toppers Double-Sided?

You can easily make your ballerina cupcake toppers double-sided in a couple of easy steps! Instead of printing out one sheet of cupcake toppers, print out two. Then, add the same cupcake topper images to each other. I would attach the pieces with a glue stick – simple, easy, and no mess!

Or you could add a different cupcake topper image on each side. Making it truly double-sided. Either way, these cupcake toppers will dress up your cupcakes in the cutest way for your special occasion!

Choosing the right paper for printing party printables

stack of paper and cactus on pink background

When printing your party printables at home, using the right paper makes all the difference! You want to make sure to use cardstock over regular printer paper. It’s more durable, thicker, and produces a better print quality.

The weight of the cardstock you get will depend on your printer. You need to make sure that your printer will be able to print on the cardstock to avoid frustrating jam sessions. So make sure that the cardstock is compatible with your printer before you purchase it!

Cardstock Paper Recommendations

In case you’re unsure of which cardstock to get, I’ve included some recommendations. My biggest tip is to make sure you know which weight is compatible with your printer!

I’ve organized my cardstock paper recommendations from lightest to heaviest.

  • 90 lb. Neenah Cardstock Paper: this is a thicker, heavier cardstock in bright white , and is acid-free as well. This paper is also sustainably sourced.

My go-to cardstock paper right now is the Accent Opaque White 80 lb. paper. This could be used for all three printables – the goodie bag toppers, the banner, and the cupcake toppers. If you want the birthday banner to be heavier, thicker, and more durable, the 90lb. Neenah Cardstock Paper would be a good choice.

Recommended Supplies for Our Printables:

Amazon is my top choice for basic printable supplies due to its unbeatable convenience! The best part about our printables is that they require minimal prep and only a few supplies. Here’s a list of budget-friendly supplies I frequently use.

Free ballerina party printables PDF

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