Free and Playful Art Museum Kids Scavenger Hunt For The Best Trip Ever!

Fun art museum scavenger hunt for kids

kids art museum scavenger hunt game


Make your trip to the art museum more enjoyable by having your kids complete this fun art museum scavenger hunt!

This free printable scavenger hunt is a great way for kids to explore the many different artworks that an art museum has to offer. It’s an educational, entertaining, and interactive task that your kids will love!

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Visiting an art museum with kids

art museum scavenger hunt freebie

Even though it’s recommended that kids start going to museums at a young age, they may get bored and uninterested while they’re there. I’ve been really lucky that Lucia, my six-year-old, loves museums as much as I do. She has an adventurous and creative spirit. But even still, it helps to have something fun for her to do in case boredom starts to take over.

When kids are around that age, they can only stay focused and engaged for so long- about two hours tops. So it’s nice to have an entertaining activity that will help keep them occupied and interested.

How to use the free art museum scavenger hunt printable

free art museum scavenger hunt worksheet

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As a mom of two girls with a five year age gap, I wanted to make sure that this activity is appropriate for both nonreaders and readers. Making this scavenger hunt primarily picture-based makes it easy for nonreaders to participate and have fun with the readers in the family.

Before your kids start to complete the museum scavenger hunt, you want to make sure to tell them the objective of the scavenger hunt and go over museum etiquette.

art museum scavenger hunt game

The purpose of this art museum scavenger hunt activity is to provide your kids with a creative task that provides structure, educational value, and entertainment during their time at the museum.

The objective of the museum scavenger hunt is to find as many of the items listed on the worksheet. Once your child finds an item, they can put a checkmark, circle it, or cross it off. I prefer adding a checkmark so that afterwards (or whenever their attention span waivers), they can color the pictures in.

Art museum scavenger hunt game

art museum scavenger hunt printable

This activity features fifteen items that can be found in most any art museum, and the items can be found in any order. This is an interactive activity that encourages your child to engage with the art in the museum in a fun and stress-free way.

Additionally, this art scavenger hunt activity helps with developing your child’s observational, fine motor, and gross motor skills. Plus it helps with attention and focus.

PRO TIP: Make sure to bring a clipboard so that your child can clip the scavenger hunt sheet to it and easily keep track of each item they’re trying to find. I love this particular clipboard because it has two storage compartments. You can store pencils, crayons, and extra paper inside the clipboard, which is perfect for on-the-go activities like this scavenger hunt!

Free art museum scavenger hunt worksheet PDF

The art museum scavenger hunt resource comes in an easily downloadable PDF document format. To get your freebie fill out the form below and your PDF will be delivered directly to your inbox (easy peasy!).

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All activities to be done with adult supervision.

Printable art museum activity and coloring book for kids

Need more fun and creative activities for your kid for a museum day trip? Pair this printable art museum activity and coloring book with the free art museum scavenger hunt activity! It’s a simple and fun way to keep your kid entertained all day without breaking the bank! Click here to learn more.

All you have to do is print out the pages, staple them together, and voilà your kid has activities to work on throughout the day. This is perfect for when you’re in the car, at a restaurant, or have any downtime on your trip.

Kids art activity book for sale

How to assemble the art museum activity and coloring book

This activity book is designed to be printed on 2 or 4 pieces of 8.5 x 11 inch printer paper or cardstock. You can print one sided and use 4 sheets of paper, or print double sided and print on 2 sheets of paper.

Printing single sided

This is the easiest printing option. You’ll just print all 4 pages, stack them together, fold them in half, and then staple. Printing single sided will leave the back of each page blank. Your child can use these blank pages to create their own doodles or games.

Printing double sided

Print out 2 pages of the activity book and then place those pages back in your printer and print out the other 2 pages on the back. Stack the pages together with the cover sheet in the front, fold the sheets in half, and then staple the edge.

Printing double sided can be very tricky! I highly suggest you do a test run first to make sure the pages are inserted correctly before printing the whole book.

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Free art museum scavenger hunt printable for kids

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