Free Thanksgiving Number Matching Mystery Puzzle Printables For Preschoolers

Apple-Themed Shadow Matching Printable

two apple theme matching printables for free

Practice visual discrimination and fine motor skills this fall with your preschoolers and kindergarteners using these free Apple-Themed Shadow Matching Worksheets.

These no-prep printables are an engaging activity that your kids will enjoy trying to figure out which image belongs to which shadow.

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Apple-Themed Preschool Shadow Matching Activity

Shadow matching is a lot like the game of memory, where you have to find the right match.

But for shadow matching, an image needs to be paired with the “shadow” of the same image.

This forces kids to really pay attention to the shape of the objects because the shadow doesn’t contain any other details.

This is a great pre-reading skill to develop because you need to be able to tell the difference between different shapes in order to identify letters and numbers.

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Apple-Themed Shadow Matching Worksheets

This fall freebie has two shadow matching worksheets that include pictures with an apple theme:

  • apple truck (x2)
  • apple bushels (x2)
  • Apple cider
  • Apple jam
  • apple pie
  • apple pie piece
  • apple tree
  • apple juice
  • apple (x2)

They’re designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11″ printer paper. And as no-prep worksheets all you need to do is download, print, and use right away!

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For these worksheets you’ll just need a few supplies:

To complete this activity, your kids will cut and paste the images to their correct shadow. There are six images per worksheet. Afterwards, they can have fun coloring the pictures too.

Recommended Supplies for Our Printables:

Amazon is my top choice for basic printable supplies due to its unbeatable convenience! The best part about our printables is that they require minimal prep and only a few supplies. Here’s a list of budget-friendly supplies I frequently use.

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