Can you spot all the cute animal faces? Free I Spy Animal Activities

Three Animal faces I spy worksheets

Animal faces I spy activities


I spy worksheets are a wonderful way for kids to practice their visual discrimination skills in a fun and hands-on way. Check out these adorable animal faces I Spy activities today! They’re purrfect (😺) for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders.

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Animal Faces I spy activities

animal I spy game printables

I love using I Spy activities with Lucia, my now first grader, when I need some down time. As soon as I place an I Spy activity in front of her (like this one) she immediately gets to work. It’s one of my secret weapons 🤫!

It’s amazing how fast she becomes focused, quiet, and engaged. And this lasts for a while! Huzzah!

So what makes this type of activity so appealing to kids? Let’s take a closer look to find out.

What are I Spy Activities?

female detective looking through binoculars

Remember the I Spy children’s game where one person says, “I spy with my little eye, something that…”, and the other player has to guess what it is?

Although that’s still a great interactive game, the I Spy activities that I’m referring to are the ones that you can download, print instantly on good ol’ printer paper, and hand over to your kid. Allowing you some much needed down time. Nap anyone 🙋‍♀️?

The I Spy activities you’ll find here are still printable PDF downloads that will have your child look for a variety of images. What comes next is what makes our I Spy activities stand out from the pack!

What makes our printable I Spy games different?

Travel Kids I Spy printable

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Apart from being so darn stinkin’ cute, our I Spy printables really make your child think and interact with the resource by having them do a lot of the leg work: finding, coloring, and counting images.

📢 Ahem…(stepping on soapbox)

When I was still in the classroom, I would often hear the saying, “If you’re doing more than your students, you’re doing it wrong.”

It took me a while to understand what that statement really meant and then some more time to figure out how I could make sure my students were “doing” more.

There’s a misconception in education that the teacher is in charge of doing everything. And whereas the teacher does do A LOT, from lesson planning and creation to behavior management and support to actually teaching a lesson, the teacher should be more of a facilitator.

This is not to say that the teacher just sits back at their desk sipping a grande pumpkin spice latte, checking Instagram while their students plug away trying to figure things out on their own and every now and then steps in to offer guidance.

No, this means that the teacher goes from being the “sage on the stage,” otherwise known as the lecturer, and turns into a facilitator. Someone who is knowledgeable, encouraging, and supportive. Someone who tracks and measures progress, but gives students the opportunity to think creatively, problem solve, and manage their own learning.

(gets off soapbox)…

Because of this, all of my resources have several built in educational benefits. My I Spy activities are no different. They are created with the intention of having your child focus on persistence, strengthen their visual discrimination and counting skills, and feel a sense of a job well done when finished.

Fun I spy animal faces worksheets for kids

The objective of this free I Spy activity is for your child to find all the images that match the color in the key at the bottom of the page and color them in with the corresponding color.

Instructions for completing I spy worksheet

Afterwards, to make it more challenging and to help them practice their numbers and counting skills, your child will count up all the colored in images and put their totals in the box provided. They can do this by using tally marks (if that’s a skill they need to practice) or by writing whole numbers.

Counting animal faces in I spy printable

Free I Spy activities

This resource has three I Spy activities. Although they all focus on finding super cute animal faces, all three have a different focus and degree of difficulty. This makes it easy to pick the I Spy activity that best suits the needs of your child. This is what makes this resource differentiated.

The first animal faces I Spy worksheet has your child doing it all. Finding, coloring, and counting.

Instructions for I spy activity

The second animal faces I Spy worksheet has your child finding, counting, and coloring, but they are given the number of matching animal faces and will create their own color code!

Counting animal faces I spy game

The third I Spy activity is in full color! Your child will focus on finding and counting. I suggest printing this activity out and placing it in a sheet protector to make this activity reusable. You can use dry erase markers on sheet protectors. They easily wipe off making for a mess-free activity.

Animal faces I spy activity

To get the most value out of these free downloadable I Spy activities, you can start off by having your child complete the color version (find and count), then move on to the find and color version, and finally complete the find, color, and count version.

Of course, they don’t have to complete them all, all at once, or on the same day. You want to make sure they are enjoying the activity by keeping it lighthearted and fun!

Once they get used to completing these types of I Spy activities, they’ll want more of a challenge. We’ve got you covered there too! Check out this road trip I Spy activity featuring traveling kids. It’s bound to keep your child busy for some time 😁.

Free animal faces I Spy printables PDF

These I Spy worksheets come in an easily downloadable PDF document format. To get your freebies simply fill out the form below and your PDF will be delivered directly to your inbox (easy peasy!).

Remember that Smart Cookie Printables are for personal use only! For more information on use of our printables see our copyright policy here.

All activities to be done with adult supervision.

I hope your child loves these I Spy activities as much as mine does! I had so much fun creating these activities for them.

Make sure to check back for more kid-friendly I Spy printables!

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Animal faces I spy worksheets

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