Free and Fun Donut Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten

Perfect for young learners, our free donut addition to 10 worksheets make kindergarten math practice fun! These engaging printables help children master addition concepts with ease.

These donut-themed worksheets will provide kids with an engaging way to practice math fact fluency up to 10!

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Free Donut Adding Up to 10 Printables

These worksheets feature cute donut illustrations that capture kids’ attention and make learning enjoyable. The playful design keeps children engaged and excited about math.

The worksheets are specifically designed for kindergarteners, with simple addition problems that only go up to 10. This ensures that the content is age-appropriate and manageable for young learners.

No-prep needed with these worksheets! Simply download, print, and they’re ready to use. Print on 8.5 x 11″ paper, gather your scissors, glue, and a pencil or crayon, and dive into some fun addition practice to 10.

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What’s Included In Our Free Donut Addition to 10 Printables

The free math addition worksheets in this freebie cover addition to 10 in three different styles. It’s nice to have a mix of activities to keep the practice enjoyable and prevent it from feeling boring or repetitive.

The first worksheet features a set of 5 problems, each designed as an addition equation with delightful donut images. Kids will count the number of donuts on each side, then write the sum on the provided line. It’s a fun and interactive way to practice addition!

Image of one of the adding to 10 worksheets where kids have to count the donuts and write the correct sum

The second worksheet includes 12 addition problems to solve. It comes with 10 donut squares to cut out and use as manipulatives for solving each equation. Kids can use these donut pieces to visually count and add, making the written addition problems more concrete and easier to understand. This hands-on approach turns abstract math concepts into tangible learning experiences!

Image of one of the donut addition worksheets where kids use the built-in donut image manipulatives to solve the equations

The third worksheet is a cut and paste activity. Kids will solve 8 addition problems, with sums of 7, 8, 9, or 10. After solving the addition problems on the donuts, they’ll cut out the answers and paste them under the corresponding donut. This interactive activity makes learning addition both fun and engaging!

Image of one of the donut addition worksheets where kids cut and paste their donuts to the correct answer

Donut-themed Math Worksheets

Why use donut-themed activities?

Donuts make learning fun because they’re familiar and loved by kids. Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty donut, right? They might not be the healthiest treat, but they’re definitely delicious and a fun indulgence now and then. These printables are a perfect addition (pun intended 😉) to any donut-themed activity or to celebrate National Donut Day on June 3rd.

These worksheets are ideal for use in the classroom or homeschool settings. They can serve as extra practice at home, a reinforcement activity, or a standalone lesson covering addition up to 10.

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