Free And Charming Ladybug Craft for Mother’s Day (2 Versions)!

Let’s make this Mother’s Day one to remember by having your little one create a cute ladybug Mother’s Day craft for all the doting aunts, grandmas, and special family friends!

Making this heartfelt handmade creation is a fun and simple way for kids to celebrate all the incredible women in their lives who fill their hearts with love and care.

printouts and supplies for the ladybug craft with a finished example

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DIY Ladybug Craft Activity For Mother’s Day

Our adorable Mother’s Day ladybug craft printable comes in two versions:

  • Colorful: Perfect for jumping right into crafting without any extra steps.
  • Black and White: Ideal for little artists who love to add their own special touch with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

No matter which version you go for, this craft only needs a few basic crafting supplies to bring it to life.

Printouts and supplies for the free Mother's Day Ladybug Craft

Here’s what you’ll need to help your kid create their own delightful ladybug masterpiece:

kid's hands (left handed) coloring their ladybug craft pieces for their Mother's Day project
kid's hands (right handed) coloring their ladybug craft pieces for their Mother's Day project

What’s Included In Our Mother’s Day Ladybug Craft Printable

This free printable Mother’s Day ladybug craft includes the following pages in PDF format:

  1. A sign page that says, “For the lady I bug and love! Happy Mother’s Day!”
  2. A page with both text and visual instructions called, “I can make a ladybug”
  3. A page that has all of the ladybug parts ready to color and cut
  4. A page that has all of the ladybug parts ready to cut (already in color)
  5. Two pages filled with ladybug parts ready to be colored and cut out. These particular pages are tailored for younger kids, just like my 3-year-old, who still enjoy coloring outside the lines. You’ll notice that the ladybug parts on these pages are more spread out, making it easier for little hands to navigate.
Mother's hands cutting the ladybug pieces of the ladybug craft with kid's hand holding the paper as well

Creating Your Mother’s Day Ladybug Craft

Follow these five easy steps to create your own adorable ladybug craft:

  1. Print out the pages onto sturdy paper or cardstock.
  2. If your kids are coloring their ladybug, encourage them to get creative with their color choices! However, if they’re aiming for a more true-to-life ladybug, that’s cool too! Right now, my three-year-old is all about Spider-Man, so it was no surprise to me that she colored her ladybug in shades of blue and red (just like Spidey himself)!
  3. Carefully cut out the ladybug pieces. You may need to help your little one with this task.
  4. Follow the visual or written instructions and glue the ladybug together.
  5. Finally, glue the finished ladybug to the sign page (as shown in the pictures).

For an extra touch of durability and a polished finish, consider laminating your kid’s ladybug craft.

girl's hand and adult's hand gluing the second eye to the ladybug craft

Why I Chose a Ladybug Theme For This Mother’s Day Craft Printable

Did you know that ladybugs symbolize love and luck? That’s why I thought they’d be the perfect symbol for our Mother’s Day craft. It’s a wonderful way to spotlight the love that the incredible women in my children’s lives show them every day!

Ladybugs are also just fascinating by nature. They got their symbolism for luck by helping to wipe out a series of invading insect species that were damaging crops in Europe during the Middle Ages. Religious farmers seeking divine intervention, would pray to the Virgin Mary for help and named these bugs, “Our Lady’s Beetles”. Over time, this evolved into the name we know them by today: ladybugs.

girl's hands gluing an eye to the Mother's Day ladybug craft

As a fun extension for this craft, share some fun facts with your kids about ladybugs! National Geographic Kids has a great post about these colorful creatures.

And why not top it off with a catchy tune from the same crew that brought us the sensation “Baby Shark”? Check out Pinkfong’s ladybug-themed song called, “Hey, Ladybug” for some extra musical fun. This was perfect for my girls who absolutely adore listening to music and singing along!

Have Fun Crafting This Sweet Mother’s Day Ladybug Craft With Your Kids

This craft is fun and simple to do, but it also helps to teach your little ones about gratitude and love. As your kids are busy crafting, they are learning the power of appreciation and experiencing the joy that comes from making someone smile. Plus, it’s a great bonding experience for you and your child!

My girls have their Mother’s Day gifts all set to surprise their grandmas! I have a feeling they’re going to absolutely love them and add it to their collection of refrigerator art.

girl's hands showing the ladybug Mother's Day craft with a blue and red ladybug
girl's hands showing the ladybug Mother's Day craft with a black and red ladybug
Two girls holding up their Mother's Day ladybug craft projects

Download Your Ladybug Mother’s Day Craft Printable Here

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A completed Free Mother's Day Ladybug Printable Craft Example

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