Alphabet Scavenger Hunt: Free Letter Recognition Activity for Preschoolers

Alphabet scavenger hunt printable

Free alphabet scavenger hunt printable game

Are you looking for an engaging and FUN way to practice letter recognition with your child? Our free alphabet scavenger hunt printable is your solution! Celebrate with them as they find all the hidden letters from A-Z around the house! But be warned, your child will ask to play this one again and again. Good thing it’s easy to set up!

Recently, I posted about why scavenger hunts are such amazing activities to do with your kids. In a nutshell, they’re fun and interactive activities for your kids to do. And best of all, a lot of scavenger hunts require low prep or no prep! This ABC scavenger hunt printable will definitely make learning letter recognition more fun and engaging for your child!

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Why is ABC letter recognition important?

free alphabet scavenger hunt game

Letter recognition is a foundational pre-reading skill! The letters of the alphabet are literally the building blocks of reading. So, it’s important to get your child recognizing and learning their letters at an early age.

Providing repeated letter recognition exposure to your child will help them master the many different shapes and sizes of letters in the English alphabet; not to mention their letter sounds as well.

Our ABC Letter Recognition scavenger hunt is an interactive and engaging way for your kids to explore the alphabet and make learning letters fun. It’s essentially another hands-on way to teach the alphabet.

Your child will explore and hunt for the “missing” alphabet letters, collect them, and trace them on their ABC Scavenger Hunt recording sheet as they go (or afterwards). The practice of finding, collecting, and tracing the alphabet letters is a really enjoyable activity for kids.

Suggested supplies

This ABC scavenger hunt is a great indoor activity. And, it will take you less than 15 minutes to set up! You’ll need to print the scavenger hunt recording sheet and letter cards. I highly recommend laminating the letter cards before cutting them. This will make them more durable, and they’ll last longer. I also suggest printing the letter cards on cardstock for the very same reason.

Make sure to provide a little bag, basket, or container for your little one to collect the letters. If they are using the recording sheet during the hunt, a clipboard would also be helpful.

How to prepare and use the ABC scavenger hunt

free ABC scavenger hunt printables
  1. Download this ABC scavenger hunt printable. You are welcome to it with your kids and for your classroom.
  1. Print the PDF file. Visit our FAQs page if you need help with this.
  1. Cut out all of the letters cards. If you’re super type A (like me), I suggest cutting the letters out yourself with a paper trimmer.
scissors and ABC letter card templates
  1. Ask your child to leave the room or go hide somewhere while you hide the letters. Depending on your child’s age, you may want to start by hiding the letters in one central place like only in the family room, dining room, or kitchen. Hiding them all over the house will make this hunt really challenging (especially the first time around). Also, you don’t  need to hide all 26 letters! Start with half or a smaller amount if you wish! Here are some tips to differentiate this activity.

PRO TIP: If multiple kids are playing, make sure each kid gets to find a copy of the letters. For example, if three kids playing, make sure to have 3 letter A’s, 3 letter B’s, and so on. You can hide all the letters in the same place, but this will get rid of any whining that may happen if one child finds more letters than another (speaking from experience here!).

  1. Start hunting! Let your child explore and find all of the letters of the alphabet! Feel free to give them “warmer” or “colder” hints and help them check off and trace the letters as they go. You can also save the tracing task to do at the end of the scavenger hunt. As an extension, you can check in with them and count how many letters they have found so far! Might as well have them practice their math counting skills too!

Differentiation Tips For The ABC Scavenger Hunt

  • Offer your child choice. This is one of the most empowering things you can do to give them ownership of their learning. For example, ask them how many letters they want to find or specifically which letters they want to find.
  • Use the alphabet letter recording sheet in a way that meets the the needs of your child. For example, you can fold the paper in half and complete a 13 letter hunt in one sitting and then do the other 13 letters at a different time. Or, you can highlight only the letters that your child is interested in finding. You can also choose to find only the letters that are in your child’s name. The goal is to make this experience enjoyable for your child.

Other fun ways to use this ABC scavenger hunt printable

  • It’s a perfect learning activity for a rainy day.
  • Add this resource to your daily lesson plan about the ABCs and letter recognition and see how much fun they have exploring and learning!
  • Organizing a fun playdate? Use this activity to have your kiddo and their friends socialize and engage in cooperative play.

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Free ABC scavenger hunt activity PDF

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