Free ABAB Apple Pattern Worksheets

Apple Patterns Printables

free apple (AB) pattern worksheets


Ready to learn about AB patterns? These free apple themed AB patterns worksheets are a great way to practice AB patterns (also known as ABAB patterns) this fall!

Your kids will have fun solving AB patterns while strengthening their early math skills, visual discrimination skills, and fine motor skills.

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Cut and Paste Apple AB Patterns Exercises

free apple (AB) pattern printables

Patterns are an important building block for teaching the basics of math.

There are lots of different types of patterns, but the most common ones to learn early on are repeating patterns.

These free apple themed pattern worksheets focus particularly AB patterns.

Once kids have learned a pattern, they can apply it to other topics like skip counting and solving problems, which is important to help master new concepts.

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What are AB Patterns?

AB pattern example

AB Patterns are patterns that have two variables: A and B that repeat themselves at least twice – ABAB to be considered a pattern.

In the example above the happy apple with hearts can be considered A and the happy bushel of apples can be considered B.

So the repeating pattern is Apple, Bushel, Apple Bushel, Apple…? We ended with Apple, so the next logical variable to finish with would be the Bushel.

Apple AB Cut and Paste Activities

This freebie includes two worksheets. Each worksheet features an AB pattern that your kid will complete. There are five patterns per sheet for a total of ten apple themed AB patterns altogether.

free apple AB pattern printable

As a cut and paste activity, your child will look at each pattern, decide what image comes next, and then glue it in the last box to complete the pattern.

As no-prep worksheets, all you have to do is download, print, and use. No costly ink or lamination needed.

You will need a few everyday school supplies:

  • kid scissors
  • glue
  • pencil
  • coloring supplies (optional)

If you want an even more interactive experience when practicing AB patterns, I recommend using pieces of colorful construction paper in two different colors. And practice creating an AB pattern as suggested in the Bubbly Vee video below.

free apple AB pattern worksheet

Plus, letting your kids pick the colors will make them even more interested in learning about and creating patterns.

Here is a very short video by Bubbly Vee that does a good job of explaining and practicing AB patterns.

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Free Apple AB Patterns Worksheets For Kindergarten

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