Bug-Themed Worksheets for Preschool (Free Printable)

Make learning math and literacy skills more interesting with our bug-themed activities! Whether you’re using bugs as a thematic unit in your classroom or daycare, or if your kids love bugs, these printables will help your kids learn in a fun way!

5 preschool printables with a bug theme

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Why Bugs are Awesome!

Bugs are more than just tiny creatures; they’re nature’s incredible marvels! From buzzing bees to colorful butterflies, bugs captivate children with their diversity and wonder.

These fascinating creatures offer endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. While our free worksheets serve as avenues for practicing math and early literacy skills using bug-themed activities, dive deeper into hands-on exploration with our free Little Critters Scavenger Hunt activity.

girl coloring a butterfly color by number worksheet

Free Preschool Bug Worksheets

Prepare to dive into a world of educational fun with our Free Preschool Bug Worksheets! Our collection features a delightful array of activities designed to engage young learners with a bug-theme while they practice early math and literacy concepts.

These worksheets help to develop fine motor skills, vocabulary development, and cognitive abilities.

There are five fun educational worksheets in this bug-themed packet that feature super cute bug images that kids will love to learn with.

  1. Free bug-themed counting to five worksheet: For this activity, kids will count the bugs in each box and then color or dab the correct number. Each box has four answer choices to choose from, and there are a total of 8 boxes with bugs to count.
  2. Free bug-themed 2d shapes matching printable: This is a cool cut and paste activity. Kids will cut out the bug shapes, and then paste them onto the correct shapes. There are six bug shapes to match in all: an oval, a square, a triangle, a rectangle, a heart, and a circle.
  3. Free bug-themed AB patterns worksheet: In this activity, kids will look at the bug pictures in each row and then circle the one that comes next. There are six AB patterns to finish.
  4. Free bug-themed beginning sounds worksheet: Kids will say the name of each bug shown out loud and then color or dab the letter they hear first. There are three answer choices for every bug, and a total of six bugs to name. Bugs that are shown are: a snail, a grasshopper, a worn, a butterfly, a ladybug, and an ant.
  5. Free bug-themed color by number printable: For this fun coloring activity, kids will follow the color code to color the spaces with the corresponding numbers. We’re focusing on numbers 1 through 6, using the colors green, blue, yellow, pink, red, and purple. The mystery picture they’ll reveal is an adorable butterfly!
girls hands with glue stick, gluing and matching 2D shapes.

What makes these insect-themed worksheets developmentally appropriate?

These bug-themed worksheets are developmentally appropriate for preschoolers and kindergarteners because they exercise foundational math and literacy skills.

During the preschool years (around ages 3-5), kids start getting the hang of counting, and some even count past 10.

Our bug-themed counting up to 5 worksheet is awesome for practicing counting objects and matching them with numbers (1:1 correspondence).

Plus the bug-themed color by number worksheet helps kids recognize numbers by sight (number recognition).

The bug-themed 2d shapes worksheet are great for helping kids spot and sort shapes, which will help them with recognizing letters down the line (letter recognition).

Our bug-themed AB patterns worksheet is all about spotting simple patterns, which is super handy for building problem-solving skills.

And last, but not least, our beginning sounds worksheet is a fun way for kids to start tuning into sounds in words, which will help them with reading fluency later on.

girl dabbing letters on a worksheet about beginning sounds

More fun and free printables:

Have Fun Learning With These Bug-Themed Worksheets!

Make learning fun with our Free Preschool Bug Worksheets! They feature a delightful array of activities designed to engage young learners to help them learn and grow.

I hope you enjoy these bug-themed activities!

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I hope you enjoy these bug-themed worksheets! Dive into our preschool printables library for even more fun activities for your little ones.

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